Sunday, January 25, 2015

3 Reasons I Don't Blog As Often

'Sup people!

I just realised that I haven't posted anything yet this year and it's almost February.  And I do realise that I don't blog as much as I do.  Last year I had a royal wedding, so that was my excuse for the lack of posts.  This year? Okay I know nobody really cares but let me explain.

Reason 1:

I now mostly share bits and pieces of my life through Instagram.  Unlike blogging where I would spend about an hour drafting explaining myself, I just let the photos do the talking.  So please let me spam your Instagram newsfeed with my exciting life adventures...or more like my dogs'.

So if you like puppies, me, or both, follow me @amandachristinewong.

Reason 2:

I used to give my two cents on current issues.  However, I find current issues today are getting ridiculous.  Ridiculously stupid, annoying, racist, discriminatory, violent and tragic.  I would so love to get my bitch on such issues but when I'm not left speechless, I'm left fearing for my safety.  Bloggers who have opposing opinions are thrown into jail now.  Certain people are extremely sensitive now, like a newly-pubescent dick - say something "insulting", be prepare for bloodshed.  It's a dangerous world for highly opinionated people like me to continue doing what we love.  So as of now, I'm toning it down.  'Till people can get their head straight and humour back.  And the government to stop treating bloggers who refuse to be their sheep like criminals.  In this country, freedom of speech is permitted, only if you are not against them.

Reason 3:

By not dissing about current issues and idiots, I basically run out of ideas on what to write about.  So if you have any topics you'd like me to run my mouth on without me getting my Facebook profile screen-capped and sent to the police, I'm open to suggestions.  If not then:

However, these three reasons doesn't mean I'm retiring from the scene.  As long as I have a million things to say (in a polite manner) or things to share, I'm still staying here.  I will try to blog as much as I can, when I can't write a thousand word essay on IG.  And if this blog can't insult stupid people anymore (for now), it will stay as informative as possible - as wicked as it always has been.

Idiots have been on the news since the beginning of the year, have you ran into one lately?


Arms said...

Yup, I don't blog as often as I used to too. And I miss writing a lot of posts and reading comments. Wakaka.

Well, I can't use wedding as an excuse and I don't usually talk about current issues. So, the only thing left is it's because I'm lazy hahaa. But I'm fighting that. I'm fighting the sloth. Wrestling with the sloth. Or just hold the sloth's hand and left him fall down from that branch. Wakaka just kidding. That's so cruel. The main reason is just because I play too much games. Too much.

Eniweiz, ya, news nowadays man. Around the world and locally. Just stop killing people wtf. That's all I have to say haha.

Well, if you have nothing to talk about, may I suggest talking about the latest movie you watched. Have you seen Birdman? Awesome movie.

Okay, enough, ciao and happy Tuesday tmr yo.

Amanda Christine Wong said... sloth..well actually, I'm lazy as well. Too many tv shows/videogames/doggie playtime to do,so little time! Movies?hmmm..the last movie i watched was the hobbit.lulz. I think blogging is a dying activity already. I rarely see bloggers blog now. Suma pun mcm mls sudah.haha