Thursday, December 18, 2014

Disneyland Hong Kong One Day Trip

One of the highlights of my trip to Hong Kong was going to Disneyland.  Which was one of the things on my bucket list too.

It's crazy that it took me 28 years (well, 2 days before my actual birthday) to step foot on the self-acclaimed happiest place on earth.

Was it really the happiest place on earth? Well, happiness is pretty subjective, but nostalgic, yes.  Truckloads of nostalgia.

So we got our tickets from our guesthouse at a slightly cheaper price, at HK$450.

 That means we don't have to queue up, but we still got up early to go there.  See I'm still scarred from the line in Universal Studio Singapore and I did not want to go through that again.

We took the MTR to Disneyland.  It was so easy!

They have their own line to get there.  And their own special Disney themed train:

And a Disney themed station:

And then we were officially at the happiest place on earth!

To our delight, it's already Christmas in Disneyland!

Look at the crowd!

Of course, the first thing we did was to get on all the rides starting from Tomorrowland.

We did the Space Mountain thing, an indoor rollercoaster-ish ride and later on Autopia, a boring go-kart-ish ride.

Then, we headed to Fantasyland.

There's no thrilling rides here, just kid-friendly rides.  We went for a gondola-ish ride in "It's A Small World" and it was magnificent, going through a tunnel of all the world's people, singing the song in different languages.  I felt like a kid again!  It was a fantastic marriage of art and engineering.  Basically everything in Disneyland is.

After that, we went on another kiddy ride, a stunning old skool carousel.  Of course there's nothing thrilling about, but there's just something so romantic with it.

Where I acted inappropriately as usual.

And then we headed to Toy Story Land.

Where all the toys are huge!

Here, I played the RC Racer, and this was the most thrilling ride here.  There was one ride, called the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop but it was closed for maintenance, boo.  But the RC Racer is not for kids despite it's kiddy appeal!

I thought I left my heart up there.

Next, we headed to Mystic Point.

Where a huge beautiful manor lies.

I don't recall watching  the cartoon on Mystic Manor, but the electric carriage ride was fascinating as well.  We were under the illusion that everything in the manor came to life.

We then continued on to Grizzly Gulch, where we had our lunch at a saloon. It was super cute.

Then it was pictures time!

Here, we played the Runaway Mine Cars.  A rollercoaster-ish ride with naughty bears trying to detonate the mine and stuff, causing us to go really fast and backwards.  It was nothing compared to the RC Racer though.  Just a fun family ride.  Though the girl in front of us was screaming like her heart was about to explode.  

After that, we went to Adventure Land to visit Tarzan's crib,by boat.

The tree top was interesting, as it chronicles Tarzan's story until you reach the exit of the house.

And so we have successfully covered the whole of Disneyland!

Besides playing rides, we also went to its theaters to watch its live/3D shows.  You have to go watch all the shows.  The performances were splendid.

Seeing all the shows with the characters you grew up with again, major nostalgia.

While waiting for the parades and fireworks, we went around taking photos.

Surfin' Mickey

Medieval toilet

Sleeping Beauty's castle

A wishing well

This is a fucking foodcourt
Statues of Disney's power couple all over the foodcourt/banquet hall
Then came the Flight of Fantasy Parade!

The flawless band

The king himself

Major Toy Soldier
The crew working the parade was just amazing and flawless! I really wonder how they synchronise so well.  I also wonder what sort of torture device they use to train these amazing people to enable them to sync so well.

By night fall, Disneyland was even more magical.

And then by night time, there was another parade! Paint The Night Parade - Almost the same floats, but with millions of mindblowing eyegasmic light works.

Did you know the music theme is different for every float? Yet everything syncs so well! It's sorcery I tell you.

And finally, the moment that every Disneyland goers had been waiting finally came.

The fireworks!

It was spectacular, magical and even romantic.  It was the best firework show I've ever seen.  Just beautiful.

Ok, this is a really crappy shot and it doesn't do justice at all to the actual thing.  YOU JUST HAVE TO BE THERE.

In conclusion, Disneyland is indeed a magical place.  Hell no it's not just for kids.  For me, Disneyland is more for the adults who grew up with all the characters.  Do you seriously think a 4 year old kid now knows who Snow White is? All they know is Elsa.  There were so many 4 year old Elsas. I think Disneyland was built for kids, it was also made for the grownups in mind to get a cup of nostalgia.  It really brings you way back to your childhood.  I seriously felt like a kid again! It took me back when I was kid, sitting in front of the boxy telly, watching videotapes of recorded Disney movies/shows over and over again, never feeling bored, and even saying out the lines of the characters, when no one was looking.  Dem feels.

So, if one day you do plan to visit this magical place and to get back that old feels, here are some tips:

1. Get your tickets earlier, whether online or from the hotel you're staying at.  Yup, I got mine from the guesthouse I stayed at.  You gotta beat the line.

2. Go during a non-school holiday.  We managed to finish Disneyland in 3 hours because there was barely a line.  It was so nice not to have so many humans at once!

Barely no one!
3. Dress lightly, but bring a sweater too.  They said it was going to be cool in Hong Kong, yet I was drenched in sweat when in Disneyland.  It got cooler at night though.  Wear flip flops or sneakers 'coz there'll be lots of walking.

4. DO PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING. Ride all the rides, watch all the shows and parades.  Get the park map and the showtime schedule.

5. Take photos everywhere! Because it is magical as fuck.  You can take photos with the celebs i.e. Mickey, princesses etc, but there's going to be a line.  For me a photobomb was just enough.

6. If you're bringing kids, well I don't really know what would a good advice would be.  All I know is there are souvenir stores all over, so you either have to bring extra cash, or a really thick cane.  The stuff there is not cheap. 

7. There are lots of cafes and stalls selling food, but it is extra expensive.  I guess packing some food would be a great idea.  Especially when you have kids who will want to buy all the Elsa dolls in the stores.

This was about RM50. Yep, just this.

8. Get in place early for the best view for the parades and firework show.  Hopefully you're not behind an asshole who records EVERYTHING and all you can see is the recording of the live scene.

9. Don't be the asshole who records everything, blocking other people's view.  Live the moment.  

And lastly, use your adult hard-earned 200 bucks to enjoy being a kid again.

I know I did - although I was 2 days going on 28 and 3 days married.


Joan said...

thank you for blogging about this moi. I am so gonna use this for reference for my family trip this year

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Joan: My pleasure. Have fun!