Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Achievement Unlocked: Defied Gravity Doing AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy



And how did it feel?

Fucking awesome x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

I've always wanted to go for a bungy the moment I knew this crazy activity existed.  Like, it had become that one thing I have to do before I die.  It would be a dream to do it.

I tucked that dream away, only having wishful thoughts whenever I see people doing it on TV or in the magazines.  I still want it, but being a dream, you can only dream.

Until I watched an episode of a Korean reality show called Runningman.

Finding out that the HIGHEST BUNGY IN THEWORLD is just a 2 hour plane ride from home, I decided that I HAVE TO DO IT .

And when would the best time be? ON MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY!

And so I managed to convince my then-fiance to go for a 'budget honeymoon' to Hong Kong when all I wanted was to bungee on my birthday in Macau.

After checking in our hotel, we took a cab to Macau Tower.

The bungy station was at the 61st floor. WHAT.

Upon registering, I was given a waiver form.  Like, they do not want to be responsible if you die during the jump.  They will just pull your lifeless body up and put it on a stretcher.  Or, I don't know, I didn't even read it.

Then they hand me the bungy t-shirt to wear and beckoned to the harnessing station.

They took my weight and wrote a number on my hand to signify the weight I should be in as weights were going to be added.

The bungy station

And then I was given my 'boarding pass'.

Ignore the dyslexic typo and that is not my actual weight in case you are curious

And I was all set.

Kinda. I felt so nervous I could die.  I didn't have any second thoughts or regrets, but I just felt like, OHMYGODOHYMGODTHISISHAPPENINGITSTERRIFYINGSHITSHITSHIT.

I mean just look at that height! That's 233m yo! That's more than half a running track!

I am not exactly afraid of heights but just look at that motherfucker.  My palms were sweaty and my heart was racing the whole time.  If I had eaten my mom's spaghetti, I would've puked it. (An Eminem reference, anyone?)

AM I? AM I?!
It was so nerve-wrecking and I felt like my innards were shutting down.  But I still wanted to do it so bad.

I hesitated at first and missed my first countdown.

And then I took a leap of motherfucking faith and motherfucking jumped.

And achieved my motherfucking dream.

The first 5 seconds of the free fall was by far, hands down, the most terrifying feeling ever.  It is just you and gravity pulling you.  Nothing holds you back.  Nothing to support you.  It is just you and that crazy fuck called gravity.  Your soul be like, fuck this shit, I'm out, and that is when you feel that out of body experience.

However, by the time you reach the rebound, which is when you feel the rope pulling you upwards, everything fell into place.  You suddenly feel safe.  Your vision becomes clearer and you're back in your body. And then your adrenaline just shoots up all over the place.  And all you can think is HOW FUCKING INCREDIBLE IT WAS.  And then you get to enjoy the spectacular view.  Words fail to describe how I felt that time but all I can say, it was fucking awesome.  I even teared up a bit - not because I was afraid, but it was just too awesome.  It was so awesome I cried a bit.  Have you ever experienced something so awesome that you cried? No right? I'm telling you, this is the shit.

By the time I reached the ground, I was shaking with excitement and I could barely feel my legs.  As I staggered back to the tower, I was stopped by a group of tourists who saw me before the jump (and instantly became a poster girl for bungy as announced by their tour guide).  They were so excited to see (that I survived I guess) and interviewed me about my jump and even take photos of me like I'm a motherfucking rockstar.  I did feel like one lol.

But my little adventure wasn't over.  I also signed up for the Skywalk as there was a package offer.  Initially I only came for the bungy, but I was told by adding another RM30, I could do this plus a free t-shirt and photos, so okay. The skywalk is basically just walking around the 5ft wide rail-less deck around the tower.

And doing crazy ass shit (while harnessed in safety of course) all around.

Was it scary? OF COURSE IT WAS SCARY.  Not as scary as the bungy though.  The platform was wide enough to dance and you are harnessed all over...just don't look down. 

All in all, this would be the most epic birthday I had ever have.  It was also my first time in 10 years not going clubbing on my birthday and I would trade all the parties in the world to do this over and over again.  As crazy as it may sound, this shit is addictive.  Adrenaline do create junkies.

So by now I'm sure you're dying to know the damage on my wallet.

Macau Tower entrance + Bungy + Skywalk + Photos of Skywalk + 2 t-shirts + lifetime member card = MOP3012 = RM1291.79

Photos and video of bungy = MOP799 = RM350

It's incredibly ridiculous how much my dream costs. But for the experience? Priceless.

But I do get a 50% discount on my next 2 jumps (all over the world) and a free jump after that, so that's nice.

In case you too have the same dream as I did (did!!!) or reading this has sparked the inner dare-devil in you, here are some tips for you to get by:

1.  Payment: No booking nor deposit required.  Just get yo ass there and pay at the counter before going to the 61st floor.

2. Getting there: If you're from Hong Kong, you can take a one hour ferry ride to Macau, and then take a taxi or bus to Macau Tower.  Taxi's are super expensive, so if you're not in a hurry, do your homework in which bus to ride.  We were charged RM50 for a 10 minute cab ride.  Fucking asshole.

3. Attire: Wear shoes and tie your hair.  But it's okay if you don't wear shoes, they will provide you with a pair anyway.  Tie your hair because who knows, it might get entangled with the cord, I mean, it might not too, but just be safe.  Also they will provide you with a flimsy rubber band, or what we Sabahans would call, gatah sayur. The kind that would rip half of your hair when you let it loose.  Oh, you will be asked to wear the free t-shirt because that's your badge of honour and you deserve it.

4. Special occasion: If it's your birthday or whatever, do email them telling them so that they will prepare something special for you.  Unfortunately my email apparently went unread and all that they can give me was a kiss.  Really.  But I know someone who was promised a teddy bear but she insisted for a free t-shirt and she got it.  I was too terrified/excited to be insisting on stuff that didn't matter at that time.

5. Photos and videos:  Bring extra cash for it.  You might not want to purchase the photos and videos initially, BUT you will want to after watching yourself fall 700ft from the air in HD and thinking, this shit doesn't happen everyday and you HAVE to show your grandchildren what a badass you were when you were young. Also, for bragging rights.  Your friends will be like, "video or it didn't happen" and so you can proudly shove it in their face.

Hard evidence

4. Stay motivated: DON'T CHANGE YOUR MIND.  No matter how scared you are, how stupid of an idea you think it is, or how drenched you are in your pee.  JUST DO IT. This kind of experience will probably only come by once in your lifetime.  You do not want to have any regrets.  Life is too short for it.  YOU NEED TO MOTHERFUCKING JUMP.

Click here for more information on AJ Hackett's crazy ass activities.  Or check out here for other AJ Hackett locations.  There's one in Singapore already! EVEN CLOSER TO HOME! 

And here's how I did it.

"Do something that reminds you you're still alive" - AJ Hackett

Next on my bucket list: SKYDIVING.


thefourtharif said...

thats osome!!!!!!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@asrih: IT WAS!!

vikneswary subramaniam said...

my fiancée would definitely get a heart attack if I suggest something like this for a honeymoon trip. I wish to do it too after I saw your video.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@viknes: Well, if he loves you, he'd bring his meds. haha. I hope you'd be able to do it too someday :)

Frydolina Fay said...

OMG!!! That was so awesomeeee!!!