Sunday, September 7, 2014

Yoga Pant Malaysia

Yoga pants.

What started out to be just a utility wear, you know, for yoga, has now become a fashion staple for women.

To delight of most heterosexual men.

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What's the difference between yoga pants and leggings?

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Okay then.  Moving on.

I used to shy away from yoga pants and leggings because my thunder thighs always seem to look like they're trying to escape from the stretchy confinement.  But then I thought.  Why do bigger gals with even thunderous thighs have the guts to wear them? Where are all their fucks?  Is it just self-loathing?  And so I decided to take a leap of faith.  I bought a pair, which are the 'jeggings' variation of yoga pants, online.  I said to myself, if I hate it, I won't be able to return it like how I did a hundred times at clothes stores.  I have to wear it once to get my RM15 worth.

And then I did.

I was like, guuurl, you got ass! Yes, I talk to myself sometimes in a sassy black woman's voice.

My insecurities flew away like the fucks given by them yoga pants wearing big gals that instant.

With my new-found enlightenment that yoga pants do not discriminate body types, this post is about how to werk it in 3 ways.

1. Yoga pants, for well, yoga

It's comfortable and lightweight.  Bitches be lying if they say they don't dress to impress, even during a workout.  So ditch your mom's sweatpants and slither into these babies, throw on a basic tee and a pair of sneakers, and boom! You are now a poster girl for a fitness ad.  If you're plus size, then you'd be a plus sized fitness model.  Why do this? Because you wanna look good.  When you look good, all eyes will be on you.  And when all eyes are on you, you will work that treadmill or scorpion pose harder.  Hence, a more efficient workout.

2. Yoga pants as bottom wear substitute

If you think jeans are suffocating and wearing shorts or skirts is out of the question due to your horribly scabbed legs, yoga pants are your solution.  It can be treated as trousers, minus the thick texture, so you can wear it with clothes that are a bit nicer than your workout outfit and sex-me heels.  Sex-me heels complete that yoga pants enveloped booty.  


3. Yoga pants for the modest

Okay, if you're not really looking forward for complimentary boners, you can just turn down the hotness by wearing it with a short/mini dress like a good girl would do.  Wear it with flats and you're ready to meet your boyfriend's parents.  Or church.  Or anywhere that requires you to dress modestly.  If it's little bit too Amish for you, you can give it a little hint of slut by wearing three quarter leggings instead.

Think you can werk it? Then check out ZALORA for bootylicious designs of yoga pant Malaysia at very affordable price.

Because you know you want this.

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Arms said...

I think I can speak for all the guys out there that, yes, we don't care about the difference between yoga pants and leggings but thanks for the information provided here. Good to know.

And also, thanks for the pictures. Enough said wakaka.

Happy Sunday!

P.S You posted this twice, one of Sept 5 and 7th. If you going to post two posts about this topic, at least change the pictures. Wakaka jk.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Arms: You noticed! I was hoping no one would ni. hehe. Salah post title ba tu. So mmg kamu suka la kan tgk perempuan pakai yoga pants? Kalo yg gumuk? hahaha

Arms the Strong said...

Yes, me likey very much. Wakaka.

Kalo yang golombon? From my past experiences, I have gained a skill in which I call it the 0.5 seconds limit. I won't look at those who wear pants like yoga pants forcefully, for more than half a second.

Sounds sexist or whateva, maybe. But it's way better than staring at one's butt and mumbling about it. Wakaka.

Happy Tuesday, Amanda! And kirim salam si Zoey.

Gianna Blake said...

Hey, you have shared a nice post. I also love yoga leggings and pants because they are great alternatives for a casual wardrobe too. From alo yoga I also bought beautiful patterned and ombre printed leggings. These are so comfortable for my yoga and I use that for my college looks too.