Saturday, July 19, 2014

4 Years Old!

I turned 4 today!

As a teacher of course.

Time fliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies, am I right?

It was only about a year ago when I wrote about how awesome it was to be one.

So, 4 years in now, and what can I say about it?

I feel pretty seasoned. 

I learned that the less fuck you give, the better your life will be.

I lose my shit less now as I give less fuck.

Even if I do lose it, I'd know how to get it back and get even with kids.

It goes the same with the annoying people/admin at work.

Be nice and get shitted on.  Be a bitch, you won't be taking as much shit as you should.

Maybe after 4 years I have turned into this cynical, hard-ass teacher.  But hey, that's the only way to survive this profession.

I still love teaching though.  You can't trade that satisfaction you get when your kid excels or passes beyond expectation.

And I wouldn't trade it for any profession in the world. 

 Except for being a paid traveler, a professional partier or anything that involves playing with puppies.


thefourtharif said...

I actually envy your job... I love teaching... one day i dream of becoming a lecturer... hihihi


Phy said...

Has it really been 4 year? My, my time certainly does fly. Congratulations on your 4th teaching birthday Manda.. Hehe..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Asrih: I hope you will get to do that. But maybe you will change your mind when you enter a class of brats. lol.

@Phy: Ya baa...mau jadi senior sdh ni. hehe. thanks!