Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Achievement Unlocked: Finished 10KM In The Borneo International Marathon 2014

I previously said that I was never a sportsperson, and especially not a runner.

Till I joined my first run in 2013, the  Sutera Harbour 7K charity run.

Finishing it gave me such a rush.

And then I wanted more.

And what better way than to push oneself for a 10KM marathon?  And so I registered for the Borneo International Marathon.

The night before the race, we carbo-loaded at Little Italy. Though it was really unnecessary as 10KM is considered a short distance.  We just needed an excuse to eat pasta with our 20% voucher discount.  The crowd was by the way, insane.  We had to queue up for about 15 minutes.  Wethinks the customers were also runners making good use of their complimentary voucher.

It was indeed a hearty meal as when I woke up at 3 a.m. the next day (YES 3 A.M.), I was still full and felt like I needed to take a shit after my banana and Milo breakfast, but we were in a rush to get to Likas Stadium so that didn't happen and I prayed that I won't shit my pants while running 'coz that would be disastrous.

Since parking at the stadium would be a bad idea, we parked at my cousin's house which was about a 15 minutes walk to the stadium.  It was 4 a.m., and there were people running already! It was the mighty full marathoners who started running at 3 a.m.  And they were already drenched! At that moment I felt sick in the stomach and wondered why the hell did 2-months-ago-cocky-me sign up for this.

And so we reached the stadium at about 4 something, together with most of the half marathoners.

Looking at them made us pumped again.  Also after we had a can of Red Bull.

And since we had another hour before call time, we fooled around a bit.

By 5.30 a.m., we were already at the starting line.  AND JUST LOOK AT THE PEOPLE.

There were about 7000 participants! It's cray!

This was the 10KM route:

Okay it's not that clear but you get the gist.

So did I run non-stop? Nah.  I went for a bathroom break at 5KM and was kaput at the Bulatan Nenas.  Again, cocky-self tried to run the slightly hilly roundabout, when most runners were walking already.  Took my complimentary power gel and it tasted like heaven at that moment.

I continued power walking though, as the power gel gave me side stitch when I ran.  I think I walked for about 1KM, and also started running again after a 100Plus boost up, in which I had another 3KM to go.

There was a huge relief when I reached the vicinity of the stadium, but there was an extra 100M to go to cross the finishing line in the stadium.  And then I crossed the line.

Like a motherfuckin' champion.

My official time was 1:22:11 hrs and I'm finisher no.387! I'M A MONSTER!

The first thing I did was downed three cups of 100Plus, found an empty seat at the grand stand and took a shameless, well-deserved selfie.

Now I understand why people would travel around the world or risk losing their toenails for something unnecessary like running knowing you will not win (except for those are really in it to win it).  It's that feeling of crossing the finishing line. That rush.  And it is very much addictive.

Speaking of losing toenails, one of mine is completely zombified now.  It's dead now. Or not.  Undead perhaps.

Though having a runner's toe now officially makes me a runner. Yeah! *sorry for the disturbing photo*

After napping throughout the day, we had our celebratory feast at Beijing Steamboat Something Something Restaurant.

And a celebratory drink by the pool later.

And we went to bed, had the best rest ever, and woke up the next day feeling like a champion. Even if it's just for a 10KM run.

As for the half and especially the full marathons, you people are gods.  SALUTE!

And yes, I'd do it all over again, even if all my toe nails fall off. Maybe. That would fucking hurt.

You can see who are the gods/goddesses of the marathon here.


Joan said...

the toe nail jadi like that because of running or the shoes moi? anyway congrats for finishing the run. good timing juga tu.

mari kita pigi daftar marathon lagi. hehehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Joan: I think both. Ba, hopefully the next time we'll bump into each other :D

Arms said...

Like 50% of the people I know in KK joined the marathon haha. Wished I was there at the time. Siok o kalo join sama kawan-kawan :D

7000 runners?! What a sight that was kan.

Ba congrats on finishing the race hehe.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Arms: Ya baa...Ba next race you must come home and join :D

Ann Mannuel said...

I think i saw Gloria or its just my eyes.. LOL. She's my sister BFF. anyway..nice blog!