Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Engagement Photobook by Pixajoy

I think photobooking can be quite addictive.

I foresee a future where I'll be hoarding shelves of photobooks right from my baby pictures till my great grandchildren's baby pictures.

My first photobook is done by Photobook Malaysia.  You can check out my review (while looking at cute photos of Sookie) here.

As for my engagement photobook, I decided to try using Pixajoy's service.  

Here's the outcome:

It arrived boxed, and bubble-wrapped inside.

When I opened it, TA-DA!

But wait, that's not it yet...

That's just its slip case!  It follows the design of the book cover.  I didn't know it would turn out that way.  Pretty cool though.

This is the actual book.

These are the insides:

Yeah, the first few pages are flooded with selfies and random poses.

The back cover:

The verdict? I love it! 

I choose the art paper 150gsm with protective matte lamination, so the surface is 'more matte' than the previous photobook, in a sense that it doesn't reflect light at all. 

Plus it's cheaper with Pixajoy!  Deal price aside (which is basically the same as Photobook Malaysia), the slip case is cheaper - only RM40, with printed surface, compared to the latter, which is double the price for a monotone textured slip case.  

All in all, I paid RM130 for an 8.5" X 11" book.  My previous 8" X 8" book costed RM152.  So yeah, money-wise, Pixajoy wins.  Quality wise, looks the same to me.

How to design one with Pixajoy? Here's the funny part. They use the SAME software as Photobook Malaysia.  All photobook companies probably bought the same license.

Anyhoo, I absolutely adore both photobooks from Photobook Malaysia and Pixajoy.  

So there'll definitely be more to come.