Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Engagement Photobook by Pixajoy

I think photobooking can be quite addictive.

I foresee a future where I'll be hoarding shelves of photobooks right from my baby pictures till my great grandchildren's baby pictures.

My first photobook is done by Photobook Malaysia.  You can check out my review (while looking at cute photos of Sookie) here.

As for my engagement photobook, I decided to try using Pixajoy's service.  

Here's the outcome:

It arrived boxed, and bubble-wrapped inside.

When I opened it, TA-DA!

But wait, that's not it yet...

That's just its slip case!  It follows the design of the book cover.  I didn't know it would turn out that way.  Pretty cool though.

This is the actual book.

These are the insides:

Yeah, the first few pages are flooded with selfies and random poses.

The back cover:

The verdict? I love it! 

I choose the art paper 150gsm with protective matte lamination, so the surface is 'more matte' than the previous photobook, in a sense that it doesn't reflect light at all. 

Plus it's cheaper with Pixajoy!  Deal price aside (which is basically the same as Photobook Malaysia), the slip case is cheaper - only RM40, with printed surface, compared to the latter, which is double the price for a monotone textured slip case.  

All in all, I paid RM130 for an 8.5" X 11" book.  My previous 8" X 8" book costed RM152.  So yeah, money-wise, Pixajoy wins.  Quality wise, looks the same to me.

How to design one with Pixajoy? Here's the funny part. They use the SAME software as Photobook Malaysia.  All photobook companies probably bought the same license.

Anyhoo, I absolutely adore both photobooks from Photobook Malaysia and Pixajoy.  

So there'll definitely be more to come.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

This Blog Owner Is Finally Engaged

Sorry stalkers, you had your chance.  Ian Somerhalder, if you happen to be one of my stalkers, I'm 'only' engaged. *wink wink*

Thank you for all the wishes and thank you for raping the 'like' button on my posts and statuses regarding this 'big moment'.

In case you're wondering how it went down, here's a recap on it.

If you know me well, you'd know that I'm not one who fancies elaborate decors and colourful cupcakes.  So I had none of those shit.  I didn't hang a banner nor paste the obligatory "(Man's Name) (Heart) (Woman's Name)" alphabet polystyrene cut outs.  There wasn't even a cake.  Yes, I'm unconventional like that.  Or maybe I really do need to get my ovaries checked.

All I needed for an engagement party were good food and beer.  Lots and lots of beer.  Beer > cupcakes.

I did my own hair and makeup that day.

I had my former-beautician Mom's wedding portrait looking over to make sure I didn't screw up

With a little help from friends and cousins though.

And then The Soon-To-Be-Fiance-Boyfriend called and said they were on their way and all hell broke loose.  I lost it.  Tried to undo the calamity that was my mammaries by taking selfies.

Who knew selfies were therapeutic
And then the party arrived.

Bearing gifts! (Well, those were expected as I chose my gifts and packed them myself)

Then they had the introduction and discussion thing going on in the living room downstairs.

Meanwhile, I was trapped in the living room upstairs as I was prohibited to join their discussion.  Like, what century is this?  So I spent my time doing what I do best - camwhoring...

...and freaking out the whole time.

About 15 minutes later, I was called to join them downstairs, like a maiden being sold to another family after their discussion had ended.

I was told that both families had agreed with the T&C of my dainty hands and was asked whether I agree on what they have agreed upon.  Thank God I'm not a law graduate.

And so the Sister started with the blessing of the ceremony, us, and the rings.  She even lectured us a bit.

And then came the apex of the ceremony, which was the exchanging of rings.

In which we virgins didn't have a clue on which hand do the rings go.

As soon as it happened, a lightning of camera flashes hit us.

And then we were officially engaged.

The gifts were given.

And memories were taken.

Oh by the way, there was none of those document/agreement signing shit as well.  We kept it as a simple and short as possible, so as to not to keep the guests hungry and ahem, thirsty.

By 8 pm, we were already tipsy.

And that is how this blog owner got engaged.

Stay tuned for the birth of Absolutely Wicked's own bridezilla.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Because Books Are Forever: Remembering Sookie

It's been a month now since I've lost the first furry love of my life.

I have never stopped thinking about her, and in my quiet moments, I'm still grieving and getting over her.  But at times, I do imagine she's just beside me lying on her stomach and wagging her tail whenever I say her name.  It's like she had never left.

Since her death had given me so much emotional trauma, I realised that I needed closure. And what better way to give me this sense of 'letting go' is by creating a photobook of her, hence immortalising her on tactile pages.

The process was painful. Going through her old photos pierced my heart but it had to be done. It was an emotional purgatory.

And then it finally arrived.

Of course I knew how it was going to look like, digitally, but to physically hold it! It's like smelling and opening a new book, and you know how crazy bibliophiles are when they get their hand on new books.

 Behold the magic of a photobook!

Even though I keep thousands of her photos, there is just something special about photos being bounded in a book.

I highly recommend photobooking photos that you cherish.

Ok, in case you're wondering what's the deal with this photobook, I purchased a RM52 voucher on Groupon for an 8 x 8 square imagewrap hardcover photobook from Photobook Malaysia.  The original price is RM208, so yes, only buy a photobook whenever there is an online deal.  The cover material is of matte lamination.

As for pages, 170gsm premium silk is used.  And as you can see, it has a matte sheen.  Using photos of 2MB size and higher, you'd be able to produce one hell of a quality photobook.

HOWEVER.  There was one catch when I was about to check out my book.

Since I chose the imagewrap hardcover, it HAD to come with a sleeve.  Of course I chose the cheapest sleeve, which was a whopping RM80.  The other option was apparently made by fairies as it costs RM200. Just for a fucking sleeve.  They provide a variety of colour and texture though.

  This is the sleeve:

Designing your own book is easy.  You can either use the pre-designed templates or design it online on its website, or if you have shitty Internet connection, you can just download its software so you can do it anytime you like.  It's just by dropping and dragging photos, one that doesn't require you a degree in arts and design.

As for deliver charges, mine costed RM20 as hardcover is quite heavy.  If you do the maths, it is pretty costly.  But for me, it was worth every cent.

I had to tie ribbon as the RM80 sleeve didn't hold the book firmly, wtf.

In this book, the memory of my beloved baby lives on.