Friday, February 14, 2014

Last Valentine's Day

As usual, on this day where everyone in the world makes a big deal out of it, I'd just be like:

Even Yahoomail helped me write a letter to myself (oh how thoughtful):

But then at night, I received this:

Yeah I just stabbed my cake just to go with the note "YOU ARE NOT ALONE ALONE".

I'd shit my pants if I got this from a nameless stranger.

But of course, it was from my default, forever Valentine (I double checked).  And hopefully, this would be our last Valentine spent alone (far away) together.

Happy Valentine's day peeps.  May you financially and emotionally survive the day.


Phoebe said...

LDR is hard. For what it's worth, I think surprises like these are will make your next 'reunion' so much sweeter. ^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Phy: Yup, but I'm kinda used to it already. But I still don't get used to the reunion, which is nice. Hehe