Thursday, February 27, 2014

It Was Puppy Love At First Sight

It was love at first sight when I first saw her.

I continued searching for other pups cuter than her, but alas she already caught hold of my heart.

This little furball, with endless love to give to her new caretaker.

And so I returned to her and gave her a new home.

Our lives was never the same again.

It was she who taught us that dogs aren't just 'animals'.

It was she who taught us what unconditional love is.

It was she who taught us to be better humans.

She had brought so much joy (and headache) into our lives.

And then God called. He wants her back.

She got attacked by the neighbour's dogs again, but this time, she fell from the dangerously steep hill and into a puddle of mud.  When she reached the vet, she was gasping for air.  She wasn't that seriously wounded.  But mud had got into her lungs.  The vet did everything they could.  Until her last breath.

I cried like I never did before.  At the hill where she fell when I thought she was dead.  At the vet's.  At the vet's toilet. In the car. In my room. At her burial gound.  Now as I'm writing this.

I lost so many dogs, yet this one hits hard the most.  Right to the core.   Because she was my first puppy love.

She didn't just leave a hole in my heart, she just about ripped off the whole thing and took it with her.

Like how my failed attempts of playing fetch with her and she'd never return the stick.

Damn it Sookie, that is not how you play fetch.  I should've taught you well.

And now you're gone.  Our lives will change again.  But this time, you're not in it.  I am yet to digest this.  Still feels like a horrible dream.

No more daily kisses and hugs.  No more scolding you for stealing the other dogs' food.

Just, no more you.

But I have one consolation.  They call it the Rainbow Bridge.

I'll see you again, Sookie.  Until then, you will be forever missed.

Rest in peace, baby.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Last Valentine's Day

As usual, on this day where everyone in the world makes a big deal out of it, I'd just be like:

Even Yahoomail helped me write a letter to myself (oh how thoughtful):

But then at night, I received this:

Yeah I just stabbed my cake just to go with the note "YOU ARE NOT ALONE ALONE".

I'd shit my pants if I got this from a nameless stranger.

But of course, it was from my default, forever Valentine (I double checked).  And hopefully, this would be our last Valentine spent alone (far away) together.

Happy Valentine's day peeps.  May you financially and emotionally survive the day.