Monday, January 20, 2014

How Teachers Wearing Black Court Shoes Help Students

1. It instills discipline

When a teacher wears black court shoes, it shows that she has high discipline.  Black court shoes are probably the ugliest shoes ever regretfully designed, hence it requires a lot of willpower to wear them.  When students see that a teacher wears these abomination of shoes, they would be inspired to be as disciplined as their teacher - to not play truant again or actually do their homework.

2. It promotes intelligence

The design of such shoes is a work of art.  Its craftsmanship, and the complexity of it compels students to unlock their ability to think critically.  Research has shown that students excelled in most of their papers in their national exams, thanks to their teachers who wore black court shoes to class.  The only paper they did poorly, and even failed was English Language.

3. It boosts creativity

The rich, black colour of the shoes can spark every student's inner Van Gogh.  Teenagers are rebels at heart.  Looking at their teacher's black shoes everyday enables them to rebel against monochromatism, hence an outside-the-box artisan is born.

4. It encourages motivation

The heels of black court shoes are only 1 to 2 inches high.  It is a metaphor for life.  It symbolises the heights in life that students should go beyond.  Upon seeing that their teachers are only able to wear heels of 2 inches high, is motivation enough for students to work hard, get a degree, get a masters degree and finally a PhD, and not become a teacher.

5. It protects students' emotional well-being

Toes are fucking ugly.  You can give it a pedicure and put flowers on it, yet they will still look damn ugly.  Students do not need to see the most naturally disfigured part of their teacher's body.  Covering them up saves them from early scars of life.  Since the enforcement of black court shoes on teachers in school, teen suicide rate has dramatically dropped.  True story.

What are the risks of teachers wearing colourful, gorgeous, fashionable, fun, more-than-2-inches, non-court-shoes shoes to class on students?
Brain damage, moral decay and devil worship.

In conclusion, be a good teacher.  Only wear black court shoes to work.  Our generation deserves it.


chegu carol said...

LOL! The only time i wore those was during my maktab, i much prefer peep toe shoes with 2-3 inch heels. The only time i wore covered shoes like that if ada formal event with the higher ranks..itu pun, mesti ada gaya punya ok hahaha....since i work with small kids and requires me to stand all the time in class, i prefer flats than shoes yang ada heels. So yeah, most of the time my work shoes are flats. Nasib boss saya understanding.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: Syok o like that. Should be allowed to wear whatever is comfortable ba kan. Jgn la ba selipar. Ish.

Phoebe said...

Oh my.. I agree, the shoes that teachers wear do not really affect a students performance in their studies. I guess it's all about image. Teachers are supposed to be 'sensible' and conservative kan.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Phoebe: Dui. Effing dinosaurs. Budak pun muntah ni tgk cigu yg memboringkan.

Nekochan Miruku said...

sarcasm level 7364712364! hahahahaaa.... i remember wearing those shoes during my pra-years.. skali masuk degree trus tukar as long as its 'black n covers the toes' ok la tu kan ha ha ha...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Nekochan: Why thank you! Haha. Kami pun cam tu. Lagi teruk. Once masuk U, slipper pun jadi ni p klas. haha