Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015!

Of course, this is another one of those obligatory blogger posts.

But first, happy new year 2015! To those who are still reading this.  Question to ponder: do people still read blogs?


Resolutions.  LIKE ALWAYS.

Last year (which is the year of yesterday), I didn't set any resolutions.

Where did that got me? I got married.  And I bungeed.  And I ran a 10K marathon.

NOT making any resolutions was probably the best thing I've ever done.

Life when unplanned, can take you to many places you've never been.  On the other hand, it can also make you penniless, homeless and worthless.  So be careful on the paths you thread in which life unplanned takes you.  It's exciting as well as dangerous.  You might end up like me, getting married. What.

So for this year, there's only two things I want to do.

To chill and to seize the moment.

Since I've worked hard in planning a wedding last year, I deserve to chill this whole year.  Run more, read more and play my favourite video game.

And to seize the moment as in to find new adventures in life.  Whatever it may be.  I could be skydiving in Australia or giving birth in a speeding taxi, who knows.

There will surely be challenges ahead, and life changing decisions to be made, but 2015, bring it on biyatch.

I hope your year would be better.  And a big shout out to all those who are suffering now, mentally, emotionally or physically ('coz you know, 2014 was quite a bitch for some -loss/missing planes/natural disasters/mass murder/oppression) - things will get better.  If it doesn't, do realise that you yourself have gotten stronger from your adversity and you WILL get through it.

Let's kick 2015 in its ass. CHEERS!

Here's our mushroom soup reminding us it's a new year.

Monday, December 29, 2014

14 Things I Did In 2014

Yes yes, this is another recap post all bloggers feel responsible to do, as if people care but they do it anyway for self-empowerment, boredom and traffic.

So this is my version of rounding up my year in one post.

1. I survived planning a wedding

Planning a wedding is the worst, but I made it out alive.

2. I received my last angpao of forever

And next year? Oh the horror.

3. I lost the furry love of my life

It was and is still the greatest pain I have ever felt in my life.

4. I got engaged

It was the most adult thing I have ever done.

5. I ran my first 10K marathon

I lost a toenail and it is pretty deformed now, but it was worth it.

6. I finally have beautiful skin

#nofilter #nofoundation #naturalbeauty

7. I had my bachelorette party

Big black dick cake, countless shots, broken shoes, random tourists, on-stage appearances, BFFs - that's how you end your fabulous single life.

8. I got married

Got me a person for life.

9. I went to Hong Kong

Birthday trip woot woot!

10. I went to Hong Kong Disneyland

The happiest, most magical and nostalgic place on earth.

11. I went to Macau

Got to take a photo with this archaeological wonder.

12. I did the highest bungy jump in the world


13. I spent the first Christmas away from home

But with a husband. Lol.  Wonder how long it would take to get used to that.

14. And finally, to top it all off, I chopped my locks off

It is an unspoken custom for newly weds to trim their 'wedding locks'.  I went a little crazy I guess.

And that is how my 2014 went.

How did yours go?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wedding Services That I Used & How To Stay Sane When Planning A Wedding

It's been a month now since I walked down the aisle.

Everything turned out well, as planned and unplanned, albeit not without little minor issues here and there, but on that day, I really had no fucks to give, and so I had the best day of my life.

Would I go through it again?

A wedding is a beautiful, fantastic day, but one is enough.  Now I know why people say 'you only marry once' (traditionally).  Because planning a wedding is a bitch.  I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

From the beginning of day 1 until the eve of your wedding, say goodbye to sanity, and say hello to stress, anxiety and emotional and mental instability.  Your relationship is put on the ultimate test - there will be countless suggestions and threats of postponing, canceling and even taking a break -forever.  Not to mention the amount of crying and the verge of cutting, whether in the room, on the bathroom floor or in public.  If you survive this, then yay, congrats, you gonna be strong enough when shit hits the fan during your marriage.

During the final week of the wedding, I couldn't wait to get married.  Not because I couldn't wait to spend the rest of my life with the hubs, but I just want it to be over so that I can get my life and sanity back.  Now that I have my life and sanity back, I am happy to spend the rest of my life with the hubs.

So for those who are planning or about to plan a wedding, my condolences to your normal, happy, sane life.

To help you out (because I'm a really nice person), here's a list of the best people/service (in my opinion) to be at your service (if you are based in Sabah of course):

1. Venue/catering : Juta Hotel & Sutiah Corner Restaurant (Keningau)

1. Bridal studio : Memories Bridal Gallery (KK)

2. Actual day photographer: Lucas Ting of Memories Bridal Gallery (KK); Nicklaus Wong (Keningau)

Credits to Lucas Ting

Credits to Nicklaus Wong

3. Videographer : Bryan Kouju (KK); Charles Able (Keningau)

4. Emcee & band : Joe Balanjiu Jr. & band (acoustic/jazz) (KK)

5. Sound & lighting : Mysound (Keningau)

6. Cake : Rufina Undan (Keningau)

7. Invitation cards : Ideal Print (KK) & Khalifa Affnan (Keningau)

8. Deco: TJ (Keningau)

9. Makeup artist & hairstylist: Ewan & Johan (Keningau)

Since I'm married and have gained like 10000XP in planning a wedding, here are just like 3 tips I think you could use to stay sane.

1. Get all the help you can get

It's going to be overwhelming, even if it's just a one day event.  So get a wedding planner or an adviser to help you in every single way.  Get an event coordinator/floor manager to make sure your day/night goes smoothly.  You can't afford to go ape shit crazy when something goes wrong.  Let your floor manager do the ape-shitting crazy.  You need minions to assist you (if you have a gaggle of bridesmaids, then they are your minions).  Don't just choose them for the photos, choose them for their dedication to put your needs first.  Get a hard drinks supervisor to make sure the waiters don't steal your liquors and wines.  Get a cake supervisor to make sure your cake won't go missing.  Liquor and cake heist - true story.

2. How to save budget

Money is ALWAYS the issue.  Going over budget will drive you to the wall.  So if you want to save budget, DIY anything that is DIYable.  Of course you need talent for that.  If you're a talentless loser, then get your bridesmaids to do it.

Also if you want to save budget, you could do away with having an army of bridesmaids.  I only had one maid of honour and one bridesmaid.  Okay I might be lacking in the female friends department (not because I'm a sad loser - but because all my gal pals are far far away and my female colleagues are all married with 3-4 children and I'm left with male friends who can serve no purpose in this time of girl power need), but at least I got to save a lot.

Also, another way to save a lot of money is not by spending too much of pre-wedding photos.  Invest instead on actual day photos and videos.  You can have tons of pre-wedding photos in the future, but you only get to do your wedding once.  Unless you want to go through all that planning shit again.

3. De-stress

You fucking need this.  Find out what works for you well.  Working out is the best way for me to de-stress.  There was one time I was really stressed that I almost went for a run in the middle of the night in a thunderstorm.  Thank god for common sense.  Oh I also had shots of vodka to calm the nerves.  Hm, stress drinking and eating are actually bad for you, so take it easy (if that's your de-stressing method).  Better yet just go for a run, play with your dog/cat or do tv shows/movie marathons when things get too much.  Don't go to the kitchen.

I hope you find this helpful, and I also hope that you won't change your mind to get married after reading this.  I know I make it sound terrible, but that's just probably me, and I'm not your average girly girl who has a dream wedding since she was six.  I know some people who LOVE planning weddings and they actually miss it.  You might be that kind of person, and you might actually enjoy it.

But one thing's for sure, whether you will revel in planning your wedding or you will have episodes of suicidal thoughts, I can promise you that on the day of your wedding, you will be free of anxiety.  It's like you have used up all your fucks prior the wedding and when the big day is finally here, you will have none to give.  Even if you still have fucks to give, just let it go.  Your bridesmaids are late?  Fuck it.  Your cake is missing? Fuck it.  You tripped and fell on your face? Just fuck it.   You have gone through a lot to give a flying fuck.  Whatever disaster happens on that day, it will remain a disaster for that day, but it will be a legendary tale to be told in every family gathering until your third generation until they get sick of hearing how grandma's boobs slipped out of her wedding dress.

A disastrous photo of a drunk bride that I will cherish forever

So dear future newly-weds, your roller-coaster ride starts now. HAVE FUN, STAY SANE!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hong Kong & Macau: 5D4N Trip

So the day after our wedding, we went to Hong Kong.

Many, well, everyone assumed it was our honeymoon trip.  But it's not! It's a birthday trip because it was my birthday week, and I had planned this even before I knew was getting married this year.

We will have an official honeymoon trip. Someday. When the economy is looking up. Okay fine, I guess I can double this birthday trip as a budget adventurous city honeymoon.

Day 1

Taking a direct flight from KK, we reached Hong Kong 2 hours and 30 minutes later at about 7p.m.  We share the same time zone so there was no confusion with time.  A cousin of mine provided us with the Octopus card, which is a very handy card to be used when traveling using the MTR or buying groceries.  So after we topped it up, we took a train right to Tsim Sha Tsui station, where our guesthouse, Hao's Inn, was located.

However, when we reached the supposed location of the guesthouse, there was no sign of it existing there.  But when we asked around, they did point us to some direction.  But it was still nowhere to be found.  We then literally looked at the address and literally followed it.  Turns out the guesthouse was IN a building on the fifth floor.  And on that floor, there were a few more guesthouses.  Only there you can see a signage wtf.

And so when we reached our room, we were shocked and at how tiny it was.

For a RM180 per night room, this is what you get.  It's probably just 12ft long and 5ft wide. Space is not a big thing here.

After checking in our store room, we then went on a food hunt around the Tsim Sha Tsui area.

It looks like a tourist area, with lots of high end restaurants and bars.  We did manage to find a cafe that serves local food.

Hong Kong is famous for their roasted geese so yeah, it was incredible.

Still burned out from the wedding, we went back to our guesthouse for ants to recuperate for the next day's agenda.

Day 2

Day 2 was Disneyland day!

You can read all about it here.

Day 3

On our third day, our main agenda was to go to Madame Tussauds wax museum.  However before that, we wanted to go see the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world at Central.  We took an MTR to Central and like, true blue tourists, we used Google map to help us find it.  We also managed to find a restaurant that serves gigantic crispy roasted pork.

Okay the noodles look like a lot like Maggi when I removed the veges (don't ask me why I removed the spinach) but it only tasted a little like Maggi.  But the pork was heaven sent.

After breakfast, we continued our little adventure and found it.

This goes all the way up! 

Actually there's nothing special about it, just another form of transportation for the people of Hong Kong.  It's just that it is 800m long and it's a 20 minute ride till the end!  The sights that we encountered:

The heart of Hong Kong


This cute Greek restaurant

SoHo - the upper class/expat area
 The escalator stops at a condominium.  To our horror, there was no escalator going down! So being the brave souls that we were, we just made the 800m journey back down by stairs.

Walking was a great way to experience Hong Kong.  Dead tiring, but worth it. Because we found a famous stall!

Apparently it is famous for its food, heck, there's a photo of Chow Yun Fatt eating there, but we were still full from breakfast so we just got ourselves their famous ying yong, a coffee milk tea something something drink.

And then we came across a market selling souvenirs.  Central is not the best place to buy souvenirs (Mongkok is), but the place was shut down at that time due to the student protesters.  We then decided just to buy stuff from here.

After we were done shopping for OTHER PEOPLE, we then headed to The Peak, where the infamous wax museum is.

There was SO MUCH WALKING just to go the tram station.  I think we walked for about 15-20 minutes from Central MTR just to get there.

The tram has this old skool touristy feel, yet it is a legit form of transportation here.

The Peak is a shopping mall waaay on top of a hill, and there lies fake celebs in it.  Once we got in the wax museum, we went crazy.

Good thing no one called security.  After exhausting our phone memory with silly photos, we went to the building's observation deck.

It was freaking chilly! We only lasted for like 10 minutes up there despite paying a fee just to see the whole of Hong Kong covered in haze.

Outside the mall, this is how the mall on the hill looks like.

Later that night, we went to the famed Avenue of Stars at Victoria Harbour.  Turns out it was just a 10 minutes walk away from our guesthouse.

It's basically the Chinese Hollywood walk of fame, with their palms printed on the plated cement.  And then there were statues we can fool around with.

And oh, at 8 o'clock every night, there's a light show you can watch.

Not as eyegasmic as in Disneyland, but pretty enough to watch.

After it was over, we continued adventuring finding our dinner and yes we found a place that apparently appeared in a newspaper review.  And yes it was delicious.

Day 4

Day 4 was our Macau trip! Which was also my bungee jumping day! Which was also my birthday! DOUBLE YAY!

So from Tsim Sha Tsui, we took a train to Sheung Wan station and after much walking, we reached the ferry terminal and bought our tickets.

It takes about an hour to reach Macau.  But just look at the people! Don't know going to Macau for what.

The ferry that we took was TurboJet.  It was comfy enough.

In Macau, we decided to stay at a better hotel as it is only for one night.  So we pre-booked Hotel Lisboa at  I was too dead tired to take photos of the hotel and too excited to go for my bungee jump, so here's a photo from Google.

It was a fucking palace, compared to our average toilet-sized guestroom in Hong Kong.

We were welcomed with chocolates!

Only in Macau it felt like a honeymoon.  If you catch my drift.

After checking in, we then took a cab and head towards Macau Tower for my birthday bungee.

Did I do it? AW HELL YEAH I DID IT. Read all about my glory here.

After the surreal experience of jumping, we took a bus (after asking the receptionist how) to a popular tourist spot, Senado Square.  Along the way, we were awed by the Portuguese-influenced structures all around us.  And it's Christmas in Macau as well!

Finally, after much walking, we reached the familiar yellow and black brick that I've seen on TV.

Also, amazing buildings everywhere.

Of course we had to stop by for lunch, and so we head to a Chinese restaurant that serves gigantic wontons.

And with guidance of the town map, we journeyed along the alleys to find the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Macau, the Ruins of St. Paul.

And then we found it!

Inside the grounds of the ruins, lay a crypt.  It's an awesome piece of history that I'm glad to be alive to see.

But just look at the people! The place was crawling with tourists, it's hard to get a good shot, ugh.

 The view from the ruins.  SO MANY PEOPLEEE.

After taking gazillions of photos, we then walked along the streets, wondering why there were SO MANY people in this one particular bakery.

Turns out they sell the best pastries in Macau.

And indeed, their Portuguese eggtarts are wicked.  Like, I'm never eating locally made Portuguese eggtarts again.

 We then continued touristing and found the Monte Fort.

Funny story, we walked for like 15 minutes uphill to find this mother.  Turns out it was just right behind the Ruins of St. Paul.

By night time, Senado Square came alive with lights.

In fact, the whole of Macau turned bright at night.  Macau IS the Vegas of Asia.

We also got to see a dancing fountain at Wynn Hotel (it was just next to our hotel).

We then took a shuttle bus to The Venetian Macao.  It is one of the most luxurious hotels and casinos in the Cotai strip of Macau.  Everything is just incredibly fancy.

As we entered the shopping mall, we were in for a surprise.

It was sunny daylight in there. The mall was also a clever replica of the real Venice.  According to our gondola rower (or driver)?

Being in 'Venice' of course we had to go on the fake Venetian gondola ride.

After that, we did try our hand in the casinos.

This was the minimum bet yet the only few tables that allow this minimum bet turned us away.  Like shit, you gotta go all out here if you wanna gamble.  Since gambling wasn't part of our budget, we just left like poor losers.  We did try a few computer based games, but luck was so not on our side.  I guess I used it all up during my bungee.

So we called it a day and got on the shuttle bus back to our hotel, completely exhausted.

Day 5

We didn't do much on that day, 'coz we were going to go back to Hong Kong.  But before that, we went back to Senado Square to buy some cookies and eggtarts to bring back home.  Also we managed to get a true blue Macau breakfast.  Pork bun sandwich.  It was delish.

Also, we stopped by at one of the MANY jewelry shops to buy us a wedding gift for ourselves, a pair of phoenix and dragon gold rings.  If you're planning to buy jewelry, then Macau is the place to be.  You'll be spoilt for choice.  And the price is not too bad as well.  Ok so maybe taking your significant other may not be a good idea...But I was just exercising my right and privilege as a wife.

We checked out of our hotel, took the next ferry back to Hong Kong, and went straight to the airport and voila, my birthday trip/honeymoon came to an end.

 NOW TIPS! Just because I went to a place once I'd like to think I'm an expert already lol.

1. Attire: Depending on the weather, be prepared for chilly nights.  And wear sneakers! Because you'll be walking the whole fucking time.  It's like a 5 day walkathon.  I broke my sandals by the fifth day.

2. Plan everything ahead.  Like, we planned to go for the cable car ride to Lantau Island, but funny story, I thought the hubs already bought our ticket together with the Madame Tussauds ticket (yes, we got the tickets at the guesthouse).  We still proceeded to the MTR to get there thinking, hey we'll just buy the tickets there.  But when we reached there, it was already closing! In retrospect I did google their closing time (in the train, on the way) and we only reached there like 10 minutes before closing time but they won't let us up already.  So what else could we do but just take a piss at their toilet and head back to our hotel.  It was the most expensive (and long distanced) piss we ever took.

3. Budget wisely.  Hotel and food are fucking expensive.  Just look at our hotel.  For a 3 star hotel, be prepared to spend about RM500.  Food on average is about RM25 per meal.  Drinks are RM8.  I'm talking about a plate of noodle and a cup of coffee.  But food is really good in Hong Kong.  It could be our luck, finding good restaurants, but I'd like to think that.

4. Get the MTR card.  It's so easy to travel by MTR.  You can go anywhere.  Download the map if you must.

5. The people there can be really rude.  Not because they hate you, but it's just the way they are.  Don't be shocked if you get shouted at and get bitchy stares when you enquire about something.  Or when they throw the bill at your face.  Oh and in Macau, we met so many cheaters and liars.  From the taxi drivers to the hotel staff.  Don't trust them.  Trust your instincts and Google.  For example, we were told that to get to The Venetian, we need to board like 3 shuttle buses from two different places, when in fact we only need to go to the ferry terminal and ride ONE shuttle bus to the Venetian. I don't know what kicks they get from lying, but that is so messed up.

6. It's cheaper to change your money in KK than in Hong Kong.  I don't really know the maths but you will lose a lot when you change in HK.  Also, you can use your HK dollars in Macau.

7. It is possible to go to Macau on a day trip, but bear in mind that the ferry ride is an hour long, and give yourself an hour for immigration clearance.  There'll be lots of people going in and out of Macau on a daily basis.

8. There are so many humans in the city, whether the working class or tourists alike, so just be careful with your belongings especially when there are potential body rubbings (like in the train).

9. Buy the cookies from Pastelaria Koi Kei in Macau! And other food/drinks that are not available at home.

Yup, that is lobster flavoured instant noodles and cola flavoured JD - perfect when you don't have a mixer.

10.  When flying back, make sure you get to the departure hall early.  See it's not just 'downstairs' of the airport.  You gotta go downstairs, wait for a fucking train, and then take a fucking shuttle bus ONLY then you'll reach the departure hall.  I almost had a heart attack when I found out the departure hall was not just 'downstairs' and we only had 30 minutes till boarding.  Luckily, boarding time concept is slightly different than the flights that I am used to.  If your flight is at 8 p.m., then you will board the plane at exactly 8 p.m.  No concept of gate closing 20 minutes before the flight.  THANK GOD.  Nevertheless, just get there early.

I hope you find this post useful someday and here's a photo of me grabbing David Beckham's crotch:

You're welcome.