Saturday, November 30, 2013

26 Things I Did When I Was 26

1. Went to Labuan

Just to have um, tea with besties.

2. Turned brunette 

School doesn't allow it. FUK DA POLICE.

3. Had the "talk"


4. Found a charity body to help

It felt good to know that the animals there get to have extra portions.

5. Went to KL

Got lost in Sephora.

6. Went to Mahua Waterfalls, Tambunan


7. Voted

Did my part as a Malaysian. but Rome wasn't built in a day.

8. Got a new puppy

'Coz you can never have too many puppies.

9. Turned 3 as a teacher

Learned so much, yet there are still miles to go.

10. Got a smartphone


11. Went to Singapore

My third trip.

12. Went to Universal Studios Singapore

Got transported to a world of movies.

13. Went to a Fall Out Boy concert

Ir's like I died and went to punk rock heaven.

14. Rode on a convertible

They see me rollin', they hatin'.

14. Lost a dog

It still breaks my heart to think he was mauled to death by the neighbour's dogs.

15. Went to a funeral

It was my kid's.

16. Learned that there are many assholes out there

Go eat shit you fucking assholes.

17. Took up jogging

Running a measly 5.7KM non-stop for the first time made me feel like an Olympic champion.

18. Went to Bandung, Indonesia

Shopping haven.

19. Visited Tangkuban Perahu

Stood at the mouth of an active volcano, WHAT.

20. Visited the famed Rumah Mode

Unfortunately the Goddess of Shopaholics didn't bless me with bountiful spoils.

21. Found the mother of all brownies.

Added a few inches to my waist BUT I DO NOT REGRET ANYTHING.

22. Went for a charity run

And ran 6KM non-stop! I felt like a fucking gold medalist.

23. Officially a home owner

After dealing with many fucktards, I finally got the keys to my apartment.

24. Watched my puppy die slowly

An experience a dog-lover should wish to never go through.

25. Made a financial decision

Which will either make me, or break me.

26. Didn't stop the party

And then I turned 27.

Here's a shout out to everyone who has made my birthday and year a fabulous one.  LOVE YA LOTS. XOXO

Thursday, November 14, 2013

One More In Heaven

Four months ago, I took in Little Gabbie.

Two weeks ago, she fell extremely sick.

I did everything I could to make her well, so did the vet assistants.  It could have been jaundice they said, or liver disease.  With their limited facilities, they could only rely on their experience on guesses.

She didn't eat, but drank lots of water.

3 days after the first visit to the vet, and a day before the second, her condition got worse.

That Saturday evening, she wouldn't take in water anymore.  I knew then she was dying.  And so I held her close and cried.

That night, I made a comfortable bed for her to lay, and sat next to her as I absent-mindlessly marked my students' papers.  I patted her head and called out to her from time to time, letting her know that I was next to her, as I watched her slip away by the minutes.

Before I went to bed that night, I sent my mom (who was not home at that time) a photo of her, telling her that it was probably going to be her last photo.

It was.  She was gone the next morning.

What hurt the most was this moment that I encountered with her, that Saturday afternoon.  She hadn't the strength to move around two days ago, and her sad eyes would just trail at me as I walked to the kitchen, after I patted her.  But that Saturday noon, when I turned my back from washing my hands at the sink, I was surprised to see her frail self appear in front of me at the kitchen, wagging her tail weakly.  To think that I was so happy already.  It hurts all the more to think that I thought she was getting better, only to know that she was going to die that night.

Even though we only had her for a short and sweet four months, this little furball still managed to tear our hearts apart.

Seeing her following me to the kitchen and wagging her tail for the last time, was my last, happy memory of her.

And I'll always remember that of her, and how naughty and adorable she was, instead of her being frail and sickly.

Rest in peace baby girl.  You'll never get sick again.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

SPM 1119 Paper: Spot or...Leaked Questions?

Last Thursday, all sane, schooling 17 year olds sat for their SPM English paper.

A few days before, there was a frenzy around the web about "spot" questions for the writing paper and literature section.

And the spot questions weren't just the vague idea, general kind of questions, but real questions you'd find in exercise books.

Form 5 English teachers in every school (except me, 'coz I was invigilating exams) went nuts giving students the questions, and even had a special "class" with them the day before the exam.

I wasn't sure whether giving these "questions" to students was an okay thing to do, since they might dwell too much on it and would end up with heart-attacking disappointment and experience loss of focus when these magic questions don't come out.

After getting an OK from a fellow colleague, I too started spreading the "hot" questions to my students, but of course, with a warning not to take it too seriously.

And so the kids sat for their English paper the next day.

In Section B of the writing paper, 4 out of 5 of the questions were spot on, including the novel question.  Like, not questions that 'sound' the same with the spot questions, but with the EXACT wording, verbatim.

Part of me was relieved that my kids who did study the spot questions would be able to answer their paper well, but another part of me thinks that what was happening was not right, and that somebody ought to go to jail for leaking these questions.

What was the person who exposed these questions thinking?  Did they really think that they are doing our kids a favour?  The more I think about it, the more I'm appalled with that person's actions, and the consequences that come with it.

Exam paper writers are sworn to secrecy, and failure to do so is punishable by jail.  Weren't they afraid? Were they paid?  Did they accidentally left an envelope full of questions around at a public place?

Or to be a conspiracy theorist, were they 'told' to do so?  Why not just leak the whole paper to students prior exam?  And when they get 10A+, we can send them overseas to be doctors and see them accidentally murder their patients.

Yes, no doubt my kids would be able to score better in their exam NOW, and that makes me happy, but how on earth are they going to go further in their studies when what they got in their SPM  was the result of  leaked questions?  Yes, I do think the questions were leaked, instead of predicted, due to its verbatim nature.
So they are able to 'score' well. So? Are we supposed to be proud?  I might be happy that my kids have the chance to score well, but I'm in no way proud of how they got to it.  I should be glad that I did my part in helping them to score by reposting the questions on Facebook, but I'm not proud with what I've done.  I sworn never to be "pressured" to keep up with the "school achievement graph" and resort to dirty tactics, but looks like I got sucked in as well.  Fuck the system.

Faith in honest-to-God teachers is now lost.  And I'm a horrible one too for assisting.  To all the teachers who did so too, we seriously need to be rehabilitated. 

Friday, November 1, 2013



Ok so I noticed I haven't been blogging as much as I do, but I'm a serial spammer in Instagram, so please follow me @amandachristinewong!

Anyway, yesterday was the last day of school for the year.  Part of me goes "HALLELUJAAH", and another part of me goes, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?"  I'm sure most of you can't believe that the year is ending.  It's already November, whaat?  But my birth month is here! Kindly note that 27th November is my birthday.  I know you love me so thanks in advance.

So yesterday my class threw a farewell party, and I was not disappointed.


This class is my second batch kids (as a class a teacher), and honestly, they aren't the brightest, well-disciplined kids, or even the richest, unlike my previous kids.  They have never given me awesome gifts like shoes, clothes and bags (also, like my previous kids), but can only afford to get me cheap lame picture frames.  They are a melting pot of the quiet and the noisy, the hardworking and the lazy, the diligent and the truant, the honest and the cheaters, the pious and the sluts.  They give me headache and heart attack with their god awful essays.

But they managed to melt this cold bitch heart with their unexpected love for me.

I expelled this kid for horrible school attendance, but I urged him to write a letter to the school to be accepted back and here he is now, at the finishing line of the school term, in which I didn't think he'd make it.

Like in my previous class, I popped some sparkling juice for them to make toasts, but wasn't able to make each of them speak because the other invited teachers were already eyeing on the food, wondering when they were finally able to eat.

Then they presented us with a farewell song, and some of the girls started bawling.

Another batch done, another batch of new youth going out to the world.   Though they are not potential high-flyers, I do hope that someday they will be able to fly high, in whatever path they choose.

I just hope I did something right.

Happy holidays, teachers!

May our lives be filled with happiness before another new set of nightmare waltz in next year.