Monday, September 30, 2013

Achievement Unlocked: The 5 C's

3 years ago, I was chosen to do teaching as a CAREER.

And so I needed a CAR to get to work.

Then CASH started flowing into my bank account every month.

I was finally able to afford a CONDOMINIUM.

And just for fun, I thought I could use a CREDIT CARD on a rainy day.  Or when there's a sale.

Life likes to fuck you up in the ass, but sometimes, it lets you know that you got it good.

This is one of those days.

Monday, September 23, 2013

7K Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run 2013: Achievement Unlocked!

I was never an athlete, an athletic person nor do I play sports.  Any sports at all.  I just suck.

But what I do love is to push myself out of my comfort zone, do something new, or even better, do things seemingly impossible and just seize the day.  Carpe diem, bitch.

And so came this opportunity to live dangerously, which is to run 7KM for charity.

We reached Marina Court about one and a half hour ealier, yet it was already crawling with charitable humans.

By nightfall, it turned into a giant party.

Before the race started, we had a little warm-up dance with a bunch of Zumba-ing MILFs.

But I think everyone was more excited to run rather than seeing jiggly asses and camel toes shoved up their faces.  And of course, the obligatory 'start' pose had to be taken.

And finally, it started!

Since it was just a charity run, most people were just taking their sweet time, brisk walked, light-jogged and even just plain walked while strolling their babies in prams.  Yes, I think I saw 10 couples who brought their babies along.  And the crowd! Like ants scattering out of a burning anthill.

There was a best costume competition going on as well, so you can see a bunch of really sporting people dressing up from awesome to downright weird.  But most of them were Caucasians.  Either Asians are just boring people, or they're just too focused in finishing the race.

There was even an Unduk Ngadau!  Too bad she didn't run though.  I bet if she ran, she'd make a kick ass harvest queen, and not some event trophy.

7KM equals to approximately 17.5 laps at the running track.  I had never ran past 5 laps in my entire life and so a couple of weeks ago, I'd ponder, what the hell have I got myself into.

But then I made it.

How did it feel?  JUST FUCKING AWESOME.

Was never a runner, and never knew I could run.  But now I am officially one.

And I would do it all over again.  Looking forward for next year's Borneo International Marathon.  I've landed on the moon so next time, I'm really going for the stars.

For I am a motherfeckin' champion.  Just a 7KM charity runner, but still, a motherfeckin's champion.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Victim of the Putatan Platinum Apartment Shitty Situation

On May 2012, I bought one unit of the Putatan Platinum Apartment on a whim, using my government loan.

Last May, we were supposed to collect our keys. There was even this little ribbon cutting shit going on.  It is a Syarikat Perumahan Negara (SPNB) project after all.

However, to my greatest shock, I received a fax stating that I have to pay a whooping RM4710 to clear my "late payment" charges.

I was like, what the fucking fuck?

Apparently, the government made a few late payments, hence according to the T&C, the penalty will be charged to the buyer.  After doing a lot of research, yes, the developer has the right to charge the buyer BECAUSE OF THE INEFFICIENCY OF THE GOVERNMENT.


I'd rather gamble that RM4710 and lose it - at least I know I deserve losing that amount of money.  But this? SOME FUCKER MADE A MISTAKE AND NOW I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.  

I spoke to the developer and they said they could only give a 20% discount, even though they know it is not the buyer's fault.  A MEASLY 20% DISCOUNT FOR SOMEONE'S FUCKED UP JOB.  They told me to meet the lawyer who was the mediator.  I was also hoping that they, as the LAWYERS would be able to help me settle this shit.  However, they said that they couldn't do anything about it because the transaction is between the developer and the government.  They could only come up with the transaction statement and that's about it.  And I thought lawyers were supposed to defend their clients?  Or was I dealing with the wrong type of lawyer?  Fuck.  They told me to go to SPNB KK branch to meet with an officer there to ask for a waive or at least, the promised 20% discount.

And so I went there and I was met with one of the administrative workers there.  She said that the boss who has the power to decide whether you will shit bricks coming up with almost RM5k, isn't around.  She told me to make an appointment with her boss, and bring the transaction statement.  Then I asked her how much would their boss give a discount. "Oh, that depends on him."


I immediately saw with my own eyes how the government bureaucracy works.

Since I have to wait for the transaction statement to be written by the lawyer, I decided to call Bahagian Peminjaman Perumahan and demand for an explanation.  Guess what?  I WAS PUT ON HOLD FOR 2 FUCKING HOURS.  Like, I can hear people talking in the background or whatever shit they were doing.  No wonder administrative government servants get so much bad rep.  Some of them are real tools.

I immediately gave a 100% thumbs down on customer service on their website, and found that they already scored badly in that department.  Then I sent an angry message on their Facebook page about their crappy service and also about my issue.  The next day, it was replied and all I have to do was write a letter to BPP to request for a waive.

Finally when I got my transaction statement - also it was a testing ordeal as I had to call the lawyer 3 days in a row to ask them to email my statement.  They have already written it but I just couldn't brain why they couldn't email it immediately.  As if they had to buy stamps and envelopes in Africa to send it.

And so when I finally got my transaction statement, I decided to make an appointment with that blowjob-loving dude.  Surprise, surprise - he was on leave!  For more than a week already - I know 'coz I called everyday.  One of the clerks was a real rude bitch, that I immediately lost my faith in government officials.  I did manage to talk to this elusive dude's assistant, but she said that even if her boss can give a 200% discount by just flashing my legs to him, it all depends on the developer whether they would accept the request.


Do you see what's going on?  My shit is being bounced from one party to another, and then back again.

It's like none of them, the government, the lawyer and the developer gives a shit about the buyer.  I'm pretty much convinced some hanky-panky is going on.  I 'm not surprised that my penalty charges will be split among these three devils. 

So again, I went back to the developer.  The previous clerk has resigned.   She probably hung herself, or is now in Boracay enjoying her share.  Luckily, the new clerk is pleasant.  One good news I got was that since I have made payment of RM2000 as booking fee, she'd be able to deduct that amount from my total penalty.  Also, she gave me a 10% discount after just speaking to her boss.

I was getting so sick and tired with this situation that I was actually grateful.  Financial Stockholm Syndrome maybe.

A few days later however, I received a letter from BPP, a letter stating that I as a buyer, is free from the penalty as they have actually made payment on time (statement included).

I couldn't believe my luck as I thought they would just toss my letter into the bin, just assuming it was as their nasi lemak wrapper.  And so I called the developer telling them about my new situation.  And then I was fucked in the ass again.

They did receive the letter from BPP.  But were they obliged to it?  HELL TO THE NO.  Even though both lawyer and government have come up with their own version of transaction statement, the numbers in the developer's statement is the correctest.  So yeah, which ever party made that mistake, I as the buyer is the fucked one.  The sorta nice clerk decided to add another 10% discount though, when she said she couldn't do anything even with a fucking official letter, and only after I said I was promised a 20% discount by the resigned clerk.

And so now from the penalty of RM4710, I now only (STILL) have to pay RM1768.  Fuck me, right?  I asked why won't they charge the government with the penalty.  They said they have nothing to do with the loaner.  Just fuck.

In this situation, I am not the only who is victimised.  There are more people out there who even had to pay a bigger amount than I have, for example, this dude I stumbled upon.  He and so many others that I heard had brought this matter to the house tribunal.  So far I've heard nothing yet with those who did.

I would do the same as well had I not think of the new financial burden I'm having.  I need to get this thing settled so that I can rent it out A.S.A.P.

I'm not sure who is to blame here, all I know that someone out there is just pure evil and horribly corrupted.
By the way there's even a Facebook hate page for SPNB.  

Moral of the story is? When buying a house under SPNB project, make sure you have extra RM5-10K to pay the price for someone's douche move.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Student's Passing

Two days ago, I received a shocking news.

One of my kids died in a horrible car accident.  He was a good kid.

I was not that close with him, but he would always volunteered to help carry his classmates' books back to the staffroom.  I felt sad when I heard the news, but since I was not that close with him, I didn't cry.

Until I saw pictures of him sprawled on the road.
I lost it.  Seeing his pictures immediately registered the fact this kid with the brightest smile, will never be there again to ask me, "Teacher, do you need help?" 


That night we went to the morgue to see his body.  I couldn't even look at it, never mind the black plastic cover.  I wanted to remember him as that smiley, hardworking boy.

We never established a "friendship", but it still hurts knowing that under the plastic cover, laid a body who used to be a person.  A teenage boy, full of life.

We paid our last respects to him and his family today.  

I only managed to look at his lifeless body for a split second, then I started losing it again.  The body that was lying in the coffin is not the boy I used to know.

On the coffin, it read: "Going Home In Glory. Pray For Me."

More damn ninjas cutting onions.

But what broke my heart the most was when I looked at his mother, grandmother and sister caressing their beloved 16 year old late son, grandson and little brother.

I'd like to believe that he would straightaway go to heaven because he was good, so that's my consolation.  But what about his family who are still here on earth.  How many years of the pain of loss must they endure?  It's incredibly heartbreaking.

I never knew him well, only know him enough that he was a good kid, yet it still pierces my heart knowing he'll only just be a name on the class list, just an empty seat in the classroom.

I would have never thought that I, as a teacher, having no blood relation, would be affected enough by my one in hundreds of students' death.  Maybe it's because I am a teacher, not just a person who enters class, makes kids do stuff, checks their work and get paid by the end of the month.  They can be horrible asses (except for this one), but whether I like it or not, love towards them do develop over time.

Today in his class, I made his teary-eyed classmates, in which he was good friends with all of them, write goodbye letters for him and put all the letters in an envelope to be given to his mother.  It was the least I could do.  I even allowed them to write in Bahasa Melayu, during English class.

It's a nasty feeling losing a student, but I think losing a dear friend is even worse, especially at such a young, fragile age.

Rest in peace Kenneddy.  This is my tribute for you.