Wednesday, December 18, 2013

He Put A Ring On It!

Boyfriend Of 10 Years went down on bended knees, blew my mind as he did, and said stuff which for my life I can't recall.

I don't remember how I said 'yes', because I remember laughing and crying at the same time like a little bitch.

And so he put a ring on it.

There was no romantic candlelight overpriced dinner, no bouquet of flowers that will die anyway in a few days, no over the top flashmob, billboard, plane banner proposal gesture; just none of those cliche shit.

He just caught me at my most unsuspecting moment - worn out from the day's journey and badly in need of a bath.

And it couldn't be more perfect.

By Western culture standards, we would be officially engaged; but since we're following Sabah-Chinese-Dusun-Catholic traditions, it will be official till further notice.

As for now, I just have a pretty little shining rock on my finger and I will make sure to rub it in everyone's face.

P/S: I finally feel like a functioning adult.


Shamimi Haniza said...

Sincerely really happy for u.<3

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Mimi: Thanks babe! <3

Ssan said...

Congratulation! Awesome new yr/xmas gift ever :)

chegu carol said...

Congrats lagi manda!!!! ^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Ssan @Carol: THANKS!

AnnieMing said...

Congratsss Manda!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Annie: THANKS!