Saturday, November 30, 2013

26 Things I Did When I Was 26

1. Went to Labuan

Just to have um, tea with besties.

2. Turned brunette 

School doesn't allow it. FUK DA POLICE.

3. Had the "talk"


4. Found a charity body to help

It felt good to know that the animals there get to have extra portions.

5. Went to KL

Got lost in Sephora.

6. Went to Mahua Waterfalls, Tambunan


7. Voted

Did my part as a Malaysian. but Rome wasn't built in a day.

8. Got a new puppy

'Coz you can never have too many puppies.

9. Turned 3 as a teacher

Learned so much, yet there are still miles to go.

10. Got a smartphone


11. Went to Singapore

My third trip.

12. Went to Universal Studios Singapore

Got transported to a world of movies.

13. Went to a Fall Out Boy concert

Ir's like I died and went to punk rock heaven.

14. Rode on a convertible

They see me rollin', they hatin'.

14. Lost a dog

It still breaks my heart to think he was mauled to death by the neighbour's dogs.

15. Went to a funeral

It was my kid's.

16. Learned that there are many assholes out there

Go eat shit you fucking assholes.

17. Took up jogging

Running a measly 5.7KM non-stop for the first time made me feel like an Olympic champion.

18. Went to Bandung, Indonesia

Shopping haven.

19. Visited Tangkuban Perahu

Stood at the mouth of an active volcano, WHAT.

20. Visited the famed Rumah Mode

Unfortunately the Goddess of Shopaholics didn't bless me with bountiful spoils.

21. Found the mother of all brownies.

Added a few inches to my waist BUT I DO NOT REGRET ANYTHING.

22. Went for a charity run

And ran 6KM non-stop! I felt like a fucking gold medalist.

23. Officially a home owner

After dealing with many fucktards, I finally got the keys to my apartment.

24. Watched my puppy die slowly

An experience a dog-lover should wish to never go through.

25. Made a financial decision

Which will either make me, or break me.

26. Didn't stop the party

And then I turned 27.

Here's a shout out to everyone who has made my birthday and year a fabulous one.  LOVE YA LOTS. XOXO