Monday, September 23, 2013

7K Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run 2013: Achievement Unlocked!

I was never an athlete, an athletic person nor do I play sports.  Any sports at all.  I just suck.

But what I do love is to push myself out of my comfort zone, do something new, or even better, do things seemingly impossible and just seize the day.  Carpe diem, bitch.

And so came this opportunity to live dangerously, which is to run 7KM for charity.

We reached Marina Court about one and a half hour ealier, yet it was already crawling with charitable humans.

By nightfall, it turned into a giant party.

Before the race started, we had a little warm-up dance with a bunch of Zumba-ing MILFs.

But I think everyone was more excited to run rather than seeing jiggly asses and camel toes shoved up their faces.  And of course, the obligatory 'start' pose had to be taken.

And finally, it started!

Since it was just a charity run, most people were just taking their sweet time, brisk walked, light-jogged and even just plain walked while strolling their babies in prams.  Yes, I think I saw 10 couples who brought their babies along.  And the crowd! Like ants scattering out of a burning anthill.

There was a best costume competition going on as well, so you can see a bunch of really sporting people dressing up from awesome to downright weird.  But most of them were Caucasians.  Either Asians are just boring people, or they're just too focused in finishing the race.

There was even an Unduk Ngadau!  Too bad she didn't run though.  I bet if she ran, she'd make a kick ass harvest queen, and not some event trophy.

7KM equals to approximately 17.5 laps at the running track.  I had never ran past 5 laps in my entire life and so a couple of weeks ago, I'd ponder, what the hell have I got myself into.

But then I made it.

How did it feel?  JUST FUCKING AWESOME.

Was never a runner, and never knew I could run.  But now I am officially one.

And I would do it all over again.  Looking forward for next year's Borneo International Marathon.  I've landed on the moon so next time, I'm really going for the stars.

For I am a motherfeckin' champion.  Just a 7KM charity runner, but still, a motherfeckin's champion.


chegu carol said...

Congratulations!!!! Kita jumpa next year BIM!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: YES!!