Monday, August 19, 2013

Singapore Trip: Singapore Flyer & River Cruise

Ok so besides attending Fall Out Boy's Save Rock & Roll Tour concert AND frolicking in Universal Studios Singapore in Singapore, we decided that once a tourist, once you've already reached a certain place, you have to go all out, with or without budget.  Yeah, carpe diem people.

So, we bought tickets package to go on the Singapore Flyer & River Cruise from Groupon.  The deal just costed us RM82.  Which is much cheaper than the usual price (Singapore Flyer - S$33, River Cruise S$18).

Singapore Flyer

What is it you ask?  Oh, it's just the world's largest Giant Observation Wheel (165m), where you can sit in a capsule to see Singapore's skyline for 30 minutes.

Here it is up close:

Here's what being inside of it looks like:

The vistas that you'll enjoy:

An urban landscape, if that's what you're into.

Was it scary? You're asking the wrong person, lol. Well, to make acrophobic you feel better and safe, the capsule is completely enclosed (even air-conditioned) and spacious.  It rotates very smoothly, with zero jaw-dropping shakes.  Unless hanging 165m up in the air an enclosed space with people you don't know scares you.  Was there an emergency exit and parachutes? Not too sure.

When you get down, you can just walk over to the river side walk to enjoy another beautiful view.  Oh, there's me in every photo below because I didn't bother to snap just the view, so enjoy, stalkers.

 The river side walk

The Marina Bay Sands

The Gardens By The Bay

How to get there? Take the MRT to Promenade.  You need to walk for about 5 minutes to reach the Flyer. And you'll figure out which way to go because that mother is huge.  By the way the flyer closes at 6 p.m. wtf, so there's no enjoying the city lights at night.

From there, we took a bus to Liang Court in Clark Quay to go for the River Cruise.  Singapore's public transport is just awesome.  At the bus stop, you'll see all the buses listed and all the places it'll go, so it's so easy to go anywhere.  But the part where we got down at Liang Court was by chance as we didn't know how Liang Court looks like.

Singapore River Experience

From Liang Court, we were told to find Novotel Hotel, and then from there, we'd be good.  Indeed, we found the jetty immediately.  You have to wait for a while as there'll be lots of people, especially those who come in big tour groups.  Since we bought our ticket from Groupon, ours was the walk-in type.

The cruise journey takes 40 minutes from the jetty till the end of the quay (and back again), in which your last sight would be the Marina Bay Sands.  When you get on the boat, make sure you sit outside for the best view.  And when the boat starts moving, snap photos like hell.

We rode the boat at 7 p.m., so it was between sunset and city lights.  Singapore looks majestic with its city lights surrounding us.

Managed to get this obscene photo with the Merlion. Teehee

Again, if you love sightseeing and taking photos, this cruise is for you.

How to get there? Take the MRT to Clark Quay MRT Station, then cross the bridge to the other side to get to the jetty.  And do go around 7 p.m. to enjoy both worlds of Singapore's day and night.

And after your little tour, take some time to hang out at one of the riverside's stretch of resto-bars.

But of course, food and drinks here are quite pricey.  This snack platter in Saigon costs S$45.  A small bottle of Heineken is S$15.

If you're Malaysian, just don't do the maths.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy your ice cold beer.

Anyway, if you've never been to Singapore, you should.  The currency is double the value compared to our puny Malaysian currency, so spend your hard-earned money on experiences, and not on shopping.  If you can't leave a country you visit without going shopping, you can go to Bugis Street (take the MRT to Bugis) and there's this pasar malam kinda outlet where cheap clothes are sold, starting from S$10.  You can also buy cheap-ass souvenirs for your friends here.

The clothes are brand new, but of those low quality clothes from China, the ones you always see sold online.  However, you can't try on these clothes.  So if you have lots of sisters you can just donate to if the clothes don't fit you, you probably can buy the whole store.

Get an EZ-link card for S$12 so that you can travel without hassle.  There's a S$7 value in it.  The food here is actually quite cheap according to Singaporean standard.  Like, a plate of cheese-baked rice is S$4.90. Can you get a RM4.90 cheese-baked rice in Malaysia? Nope.  You'll only get white rice with 2 slices of cheese on top.  

If you're a city person, you'll love Singapore.

And Singapore, I'll be back again someday for my roller-coaster ride and this:

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