Monday, August 12, 2013

Fall Out Boy "Save Rock & Roll Tour" Singapore 2013: The Recap

It has already been a week since the concert, yet whenever I close my eyes when I go to bed, I'm immediately transported back to the mosh pit, reliving every moment.

I've been in love with these guys since I was 14, so can you imagine that feeling of being able to see them and listen to them like, fucking live?  It's beyond ridiculous.


It still feels unreal, until I look back at the photos and bruises I got (yes, bruises - will explain later).

Okay, let's start my little story-bragging.

Since F.O.B. is my favourite band ever, and I had paid so much just to see them, I was determined to get the best position.  We decided to go there about 3 hours earlier, thinking we'd be able to beat the crowd.

Oh what silly amateurs we were.

This goes all the way to Russia

When we got there, the line was as long as The Great Wall of China.  I decided that this was not the day to be a good human being so we jumped the queue, went straight to the entrance and sat on the grass for a good one hour.

I thought I'm the number one fan, but guess I got that wrong as well.

Super emo fan

There were girls who painted their faces and bodies and even graffitied their tops with F.O.B. logos, song titles and marriage proposals.

While waiting, a group started singing an F.O.B. song, then the whole crowd started singing along - it gave me goosebumps.  Soon, the entrance was opened and hell broke loose.  Even though we were lining up, people behind started pushing like mad.

After we got tagged and bags checked, we ran like hell to the stage to get the best view.

I lost mine by the end of the concert. Bummer.

We were so lucky to get to be at the fourth row from the rails that separated us from throwing ourselves at Pete Wentz.


Half an hour later, Empra, an Australian band who was the opening act for F.O.B. entertained us with songs we never heard of.  They were alright, it's just that we were dying with anticipation to see F.O.B. play - so we were hardly able to get in tune with them.

Performance by Empra

After Empra was done with their performance (by 8.30 p.m. - F.O.B. was supposed to start at fucking 8!), the stage crew started doing their thing setting up the stage.  I thought I peed a little when I saw the official F.O.B. drums set up right in front of my eyes.  It's like at that moment, I still couldn't believe I was actually IN an F.O.B. concert.

And finally at 8.50 p.m. when they came out, I DIED.


Seeing Patrick and the boys play right in front of my eyes, right into my ears, the music beating through my heart, it's like I died and went to punk rock heaven.

Besides playing songs from their latest album Save Rock & Roll, they also played their old songs from their previous albums like 'Sugar We're Going Down', I immediately felt like I was 14 again.

They were fucking flawless.  I know some artists don't sound the same live as they do on radio, but my boys just killed every single song, if not better live.  They played NON-STOP for an hour, rested for just 5 minutes, and came back for the encore to play for another 20 minutes.  Joe Trohman was so cool with his guitar, Andy Hurley with his contagious energetic drumming while Patrick Stump slayed the vocals; and Pete Wentz, being the rockstar of the band, crowd-surfed the audience and made every girl who managed to touch him pregnant.  I love all the songs that they played, but my favourite performance would be 'Save Rock & Roll'.  There was a slide show of all the great rockstars of all time, and Patrick was being all so hot and emotional on his keyboard.  I got goosebumps all over then I teared a little. Yeah, number one fan, betch.

However, as much as I was savouring every moment during the concert, I couldn't help but feel like I was literally drowning in a sea of people.  Before F.O.B. appeared, we were standing at a nice spot with just enough space to move and do regular human stuff like taking photos using our phones, or having a swig from our water bottles.  But when they came out, BOOM. A FUCKING HUMAN TSUNAMI.

The human tsunami

A wave of human bodies came slamming from behind, shoving us further in front, even separating me from my cousin and brother.  We were literally squashed to our ribs till it was hard to breath.  I had to raise up my head for air like a freaking fish from time to time.  When the crowd settled, I stood like a cripple with my left arm folded under someone's armpits, and I only have my right arm free to do the moshing and waving.  If there's one thing I regret, was not being able to take a selfie with F.O.B. playing in the background.  Then there's always some girl's hair on my face, wtf.  Also, there were people taking videos, blocking my otherwise nice view.  There was a few time a shoved a girl's arm because she was blocking my view, that bitch.

Assholes. Assholes everywhere.

By the end of the concert, I was drenched to the core, I lost my ear studs (yes, I felt my ears slide on someone's neck during Pete Went's crowd surfing) and I have bruises all over my legs.

This is me, before concert, all fresh-faced and smelling nice:


This is the aftermath: 

After (with Empra's lead singer)

Soaked in my own sweat and also others'.  How soaked was I? You could say hello to my bikini top. And oh, my bag strap snapped.  That's how violent it was.

It was a new bag. Sigh.

There was also this moment by the end of the concert when Andy threw his drumstick at the audience, AND I MANAGED TO GRAB IT! For like, 3 seconds before pirahna-like hands came attacking the prized F.O.B. official concert drumstick.  I had to let go because I couldn't fight with them cray bitches (so yeah, again, I'm a normal fan compared to them).  In the end, four girls held the stick tightly and they looked like they were going to cut each other.  Seriously.  They weren't smiling at each other.  I left to find my cousin and brother before it turned bloody.  By the end of the concert, I saw people limping and I even heard there were a few girls who fainted.  Yes, that mad.

Nevertheless, I would SO do it all over again.  This is just one kind of musical experience that you need to have before you die, especially if you are a music lover, or you're a number one fan of a certain artist.  When you finally listen to your favourite band or singer sing live, everything that you love about them just amplifies a hundred times.  And when you're back home to your boring life, listening to them on your MP3 will never be the same again as you will be transported back to the moshpit where you head-banged and waved your rock hands.  It's like reading a book, but instead of an adventure, you're moshing to your favourite band/singer.  In short, YOU HAVE TO DO IT AT LEAST ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME.  

So if you do get the opportunity to see your favourite artist sing live, here's some tips (based on my near-death experience):

1.  Pay extra for a VVVIP seat/area (if it's available).  Unfortunately, the F.O.B. meet-&-greet tix were the limited edition kind, where you have to join a contest or something to get it.  So yeah, if you are already spending a bomb, why not just go all the way to get the best view.  It will be worth it.  Or else, BOOM. Human tsunami.

2.  Dress comfortably.  Shoes or boots (because you will be stepping on each other's feet), and light clothes because you will get drenched in sweat.  Also, a small sling bag just to fit your wallet and phone.  Also, be prepared for it to get destroyed.

3.  No outside food and drinks! We thought of buying water from outside before entering but we forgot - which was a good thing 'coz bags were checked and people who brought their own food and drinks were chucked out.  But then again, it depends on the venue.

4. Run for your lives to buy concert merchandises right after the show ends.  It will be gone in a matter of seconds.  By the time we got to to the merchandise booth (after getting some air and quenching our thirst with a S$6 can of Monster Energy), everything was sold out except for Empra's merchandise.  We got free stickers and photos from them though.  Here's to hoping they get famous someday.

5. Enjoy the moment. Savour it.  Let the music take you to places you've never been.  In other words, keep your phones in your bags and live for the moment.  There will always be a paparazzo who will record the whole show, and you can always check it out on Youtube.  But oh, do post one (read ONE) selfie with your idols in your background for brag rights.

The ticket: RM283

The experience: Priceless

I can finally check off 'See Fall Out Boy live' from my bucket list.

I am now prepared to get married, have kids, and die.

Yes I was that close!

Until I see them again of course.


Dee Loner said...

hihiihi.. reading this entry is like a journey in your body. Can imagine the crowd being crazy, the pushing and all berebut for a stick..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Dee Loner: Hehe..Clear enough huh...

Arms said...

Oh my, you lost your tag? Then it was really crazy there.

And you should've used the stick that you got and then just hit any hand that tried to grab it :D

Nampak juga muka ko d gambar paling last ya hahaa.

Of all the songs, I think This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race got the most screams. Yaka. And maybe the audience alone sang the bridge hehee.

Happy Thursday, Amanda!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Arms: Ganas ba they all. I don't want my face to be scratched or anything. Huhu. Hm, I think the most screams happened was when Pete Went took off his shirt. Hehe..Happy Thursday to you too!