Thursday, August 1, 2013

3 Years Old!

A couple of weeks ago, I turned 3 as a teacher.  Yup, this is an overdue post 'coz you know, I was busy figuring out my new phone and there's a bunch of work stuff. "Work".

So yeah, I 'm three!

It was only a year ago that I wrote about being 2, and how less angry I was, and how things did get better.

So how does it feel now to be three?

It feels AWESOME.

Of course, there were some low points in my life this year that (again) makes me question my ability as a teacher.

However, I'm starting to appreciate the positive energy from students, from a simple, genuine 'thank you', to a full on idolisation, to a crass cat-call.

And this makes being a teacher not so bad after all.

And everyday, I am still learning new things about being one and also discovering things I'm capable of-whether coming up with genius lessons or awesomely evil punishments.

Also, only this year have I realised my true power of touching lives (or ruining it).

Last year, I taught the weakest fifth form and it was just pure insanity. Pure, pure insanity.

One of the kids there came to school to collect his SPM slip.  And he was one of those students who can't count pass 10 in English.  He came up to me and thanked me for everything that I did.  If it wasn't for me, he wouldn't be able to do great as an English-speaking guide taking tourists island-hopping at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

I was like, "Whaaat?"  I think I had spent more time threatening to burn everything that they love rather than get on with actual teaching.  Even though I feel like I barely contributed in helping them acquire the language, he felt like I have done everything.

Out of 30 incorrigible kids, I have saved one kid from being a waste of space in society.

I feel like Erin Gruwell from The Freedom Writer's Diary.

Realising that I should give more credit to myself for the impact I can make on a kid's life, I now choose my words and actions more wisely.  Who knows, among those 30 kids, I might even have created a monster.

To know that I hold such immense power to shape lives, it makes me feel awesome.

Therefore, being a 3 year old awesome teacher is one great feat for one to have achieved.

The only problem is now that I've been in service for 3 years, the old ladies in school are getting even more vicious in their attempt to see me marry and have kids to the point of making pros and cons list of all the eligible bachelors in school.


Phoebe said...

As time passes, reasons to why things happen as they do come to light. You have what it takes to be an awesome teacher manda. I am truly glad that things are working out better for you now. ^^

chegu carol said...

Selamat menjadi cigu yang ke-3 tahun! You have not given up being a teacher bah kan? Good. You'll always gonna be an awesome teacher. I know.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Phy: Yup, life is just weird you know, throwing stuffs at me I don't get - and makes take a couple of years to get it.

Carol: Hehe...So far not yet la. Hopefully I'll stay this optimistic.

Joan said...

yeay!!!! keep on inspiring!!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Joan: Let's hope so I do!

Rungitom said...

GTA: Great Teacher Amanda. :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Rungitom: I wish!

Arms said...

Congrats on the 3rd year!

I'm sure most of them would really appreciate what you've taught them. I mean, when they are starting their job or something in the future hehee.

Bachelors? Banyak juga ka pilihan dia? ;D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Arms: Thanks! Hopefully...There are a few jg la :p