Saturday, July 27, 2013

Achievement Unlocked: Got A Smartphone - Now I Can Be As Annoying As All Of You

A week ago, I was probably the only savage who uses this prehistoric tool.

Today, I'm officially an I-Fag.

The plan of course was to get a smartphone way better than any of you (by waiting for the next gen smartphones end of this year), but I got a deal I can't resist, at a super steal price.  To be more precise, just a quarter of the actual price.  How? That's a secret I'll never tell.  Nah, I'm kidding.  I bought a faulty secondhand phone (with a little help from someone who loves me enough) and sent it for repair under its warranty.  And as Apple's policy, they sent me a new set.  Ain't I one lucky beeyotch?

Anyway, when I first got it, this was the reaction of my friends.

It's like I won in the Olympics, had a baby or got resurrected from the dead.

Then the Samsung vs Apple argument started almost immediately.  I'm not going to get into that 'coz I know whatever valid arguments we have against each other, we have already decided not to listen to each other.  Plus when you have already blown more than half of your one month's pay, you'd be damned not to cave in to regrets.  Except for me of course.  Steal price baby.

With that being said, after fondling my mom's Note 2 and comparing it with this phone, Apple wins a hundred times. *flies away*

Anyway, finally I get to be as annoying as all of you techie social bitches.

I get to post extreme retouched selfie's anytime of the day.

I get to upload photos of my babies.  Fur-babies, in my case.  That's Gabbie by the way.

I get to bore you with details of my daily life.

I get to camwhore at inappropriate places.

I get to unnecessarily tell you all the places that I go.

And then I get to do the number one activity that most smartphone users do with their highly advance gadgets.

Post about my food! Though in this picture, I only remembered to snap pictures of my food when I was half way done eating.

Am I missing any more practices? Do let me know 'coz I'm still new with this alien technology.

I'm totally loving this phone, but I only have one problem with it:


Rungitom said...

Ah yes, the wonders of smartphones, its share until you get bored. :P

Phoebe said...
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Phoebe said...

I'm amazed you waited this long babe but hey, better late than never no? ;P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Rungitom: Actually I'm done playing with it. When I have my laptop, it's just a mere phone.

@Phy: Tu la, my parents lagi duluan ni. haha

chegu carol said...

hahaha patutlah baru sekarang joined instagram....pre-smartphone days, i didn't mind if i left my cellphone at home or even in keningau. now? jangan harap....except, if im at home and i have my laptop to connect with the internet la...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Haha..cant live with it far i think im not so dependent yet. For now la. hehe

Arms said...

Siok kan having a smartphone! You can do all things with it. You might like Samsung better. But, getting a new set of Iphone with a really cheap price is of course better :D

One advice though, install an antivirus in it. Or install a phone tracker. I'm not sure about Iphone but usually an antivirus app includes a tracker.

Just in case, you know. I don't wanna say it. Touchwood! Palis-palis jauh-jauh.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Arms: Siok! Can't believe I like 3 years without it. Hm, I heard you can't get virus on IOS so...hehe...But yeah, I already installed my phone tracker. ^^

Tiara said...


Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Tiara: It is!

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