Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The World's Strictest Parents

...is my new favourite show.

Well, I watch it on Youtube; 'coz that's where I found this amazing series.

The show is about spoilt brats who are sent to different corners of the world to be rehabilitated by their new foster parents.  And these new foster parents of theirs are not to be fucked with.

The reason I enjoy this show is because it rings so close to home.  Those horrible spawns of Satan are exactly the kind of kids I have to deal with everyday.

The rude, the disrespectful, the defiant - Yup, a walk in the park indeed.

Though I've only watched three episodes, this is my favourite:

Firstly, I LOVE their school rules in this part of Texas.  If you have no 45 minutes to spare, let me tell you how the school system works.  It is not only wrong to break a school rule, it is illegal. Say whaat, right?  Even if you break a dismissable rule, say, making too much noise or swearing is the school corridor, THE COPS will be called immediately for "disorderly conduct/disruptive behaviour".  HOW SICK IS THAT? Imagine if that happens in our school.  There will be zero discipline problems.  And for those who play truant, they will be sent to an army boot camp.  Where there will be yelled at and tortured, by real army personnel until they break.  Hence, the dropout rate is only 1% in that county. 

Screw trying to be soft and understanding of a teen.  Look at how horribly their parents are treated.  As a true believer of tough love, THIS SYSTEM SHOULD BE ENFORCED HERE.  Most of the time, it is not their fault that teens can turn out to be so nasty.  It always starts from the family.  And if you watch more of these episodes, these teens always come from a broken home.  Some of them are just spoilt and think they live in a fantasy.  So I do believe we need to try to understand their situation.  And if talking nice ain't gonna cut it, pain should be brought.

The key of disciplining teens that I've noticed in all three episodes is how the consequences of action is being stressed.  Though I do make sure I tell my kids day in and day out about the consequences of their action, I still think I learn more about classroom management in this series rather than from the books I studied.

If you're a teacher or a parent, take some time to watch this show as you do learn stuff, like, understanding why a kid acts a certain way, or probably when you are just running out of ideas on how to discipline them. Also, you can see how ridiculously bratty a kid could get.  It may make you think twice on having spawns of your own.

As for me, I now have an idea of disciplining my kids, looking at how carrying logs and tyres can shred them into pieces.  Now I'm off to find these items.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bad Essay: ICT Is The Root Of All Evil

I'm back, bitches.

Marking paper season is over, so now I have a video for you.

Still suffering from writer's block, but it's something.

So here, enjoy my brain cancer.

Nonetheless, I'm still proud of my kid for at least trying her hand on writing something that sounded like English.  

I'd hug her for effort, but I'm afraid I would set her hair on fire.

P/s: If you could translate this essay into an intelligible language, that'd be great.