Tuesday, April 30, 2013


That's the headline of the email I received.

I clicked on it.

And then I wondered, which party would spam me.

But of course.  I received more of these a few days later.  I even got the one with Youtube links on the "lies" spread by their opponents.

I know some people received text messages as well.  Fear of being shot is probably the only thing preventing them from going all Jehovah's Witness on you.

It's really annoying when they do this.  It's as if we enjoyed getting these emails and texts and makes us go, "OMG, I'm like, so totally gonna vote for them. #SWAG".

Nevertheless, I couldn't help myself but to reply to the spambots.

Let's fulfill our responsibility this Sunday.

'Coz I have a feeling Monday is going to be a good day for a new era.


kei-1 said...

now I feel left out for not getting anything at all. No emails and no text messages either.

chegu carol said...

i dont get them either. only that one sms saying parlimen has been dissolved. hmmm....

Amanda Christine Wong said...

K: And you don't get to know how it feels like when parties throw themselves at you for you to like them. Too bad. Haha.

Kay: Hmm...that's a good thing la. Unless you do want to get spammed. hehe

A.G.P said...

hahaha paling manang ah ko reply..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

A.G.P.: Mau tulis yg lagi teruk ba tu, tp nanti kena tau gov servant.. haha