Tuesday, April 30, 2013


That's the headline of the email I received.

I clicked on it.

And then I wondered, which party would spam me.

But of course.  I received more of these a few days later.  I even got the one with Youtube links on the "lies" spread by their opponents.

I know some people received text messages as well.  Fear of being shot is probably the only thing preventing them from going all Jehovah's Witness on you.

It's really annoying when they do this.  It's as if we enjoyed getting these emails and texts and makes us go, "OMG, I'm like, so totally gonna vote for them. #SWAG".

Nevertheless, I couldn't help myself but to reply to the spambots.

Let's fulfill our responsibility this Sunday.

'Coz I have a feeling Monday is going to be a good day for a new era.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Malaysian School Drama: Where Art Shouldn't Imitate Life

Recently my kids participated in the district level drama competition.

Like every other school, they worked their asses off, encountered actual asses along the way, and in the end, they made it to the moment when they took that final bow on stage.

And they were flawless.  I know I'm not being biased because the other schools thought so too.

But to our dismay, they didn't even get a place.

The problem?

Our issue was air-quote "inappropriate" for secondary school students.

The plot goes like this. Girl gets pregnant. Boy is irresponsible.  Girl soon feels stigmatised by society.  Girl does abortion.  Girl went cray.  The message? Don't go murdering babies or else you'll start hearing voices.

BUT apparently, no matter how clear our stand and message for students in this drama are, the real life concern on teen abortion is still "unsuitable".

The question of gender inequality and social stigma is pretty much too heavy for secondary schools students' level of thought to take in. (in which my students with low proficiency understood perfectly)

Apparently, a drama on abortion and the fact that a wife can raise her voice against her husband after hitting their daughter doesn't reflect good moral values.  Never mind the fact that the drama stressed on the dangers of abortion and to never take a life.

Apparently, happy endings, unrealistic situation and traditional gender roles are preferred. Not a drama that reflects the nasty reality of life.

It upsets me that my kids who delivered a perfect performance didn't win, but it upsets me more to see how our education system is screwing our kids.  As if they are not screwed badly already.

This does not only happen to me.  This is not a rant about losing.  There are other teachers I know who highlighted issues like teen drug abuse and prostitution in their drama.  But of course, no matter how good it was, it was downright rejected for being "inappropriate".  Why?  These are not primary school students whom we still have to protect their innocence.  Is teen prostitution really a shocking thing these days?  Are adults the only ones doing drugs and having unprotected sex?  Why do we still need to shelter our kids from things that they could potentially fall into during their darkest hour of life?  A drana performance is one medium we can use to educate our kids, but looks the objective is lost when there is still narrow-mindedness.

We are telling our kids that life is a fairy tale.  We are telling them to avoid talking about real life issues, its impact on life and how to face it.   And since simple, dumb story lines are preferred compared to thought-provoking ones, we are telling them to screw thinking creatively and critically.

Again, the things that we were taught to teach our kids can be just flushed down the toilet, because this system isn't prepared to produce world-class thinkers.

So fine.  For next year's competition, our drama will about the Turtle and the Hare, except they're zombies.  And they become bestfriends in the end after realising trying to eat each others brain is wrong.  AND THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER FUCKING AFTER.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Suffering from writer's block and word diarrhea

There I said it.

All (great) writers suffer this from time to time, and now it's my time.  I only have word diarrhea here for you to read as a filler.

I'm now writing this in a state of drowsiness from my flu pill.  Ooh, look at that.   I think my curtains are trying to tell me something.


I don't post as much as I do now.  And even if I do, it's when I'm angry.  In fact, I am now kinda pissed off with school and students.  But it's the same 'ol same 'ol thing, you know, about kids showing lack of commitment and respect to teachers who'd sacrifice their time for them, about being complained and threatened by the security guard that a report will be lodged to the principal about my "speeding" in the school area (FYI I only hit on the accelerator when I'm late and I know I'm wrong but I don't like being threatened so eat my smoke) and about the infinite school work.  I just don't get some things.  We are now incorporating technology in our work system, yet it burdens us more as we now have to do techy stuff AND keep records on those prehistoric books.  My brain just farted.

It's been a long time since I wrote awesome, thought-provoking, silly things.  Plus I don't travel that much anymore.  Hah, I lied.  I went to KL last school holidays and I'm going to Bandung in September.  So yeah, no travel stories till then.  There's nothing to talk about KL. Except that they're building an MRT at Bukit Bintang and the roads' are fucked and I was lost for a moment. Oh and there's Sephora, a makeup candy store.  And there's H&M.  If these stores open in KK, my life will be complete.  And oh did you know that the minimal bet in the Genting Casino is RM50? And RM25 if you're riding on someone else's game?  Fuck, this is the laziest holiday story I've ever written.  No pictures too.  Because surprise surprise, we didn't even bother to take photos even though my friends and I meet only about once a year.  It's one of life's mysteries.

Then after KL I went to Mahua Waterfall at Tambunan with my colleagues.  The water was fucking cold, and I think that's probably the reason I'm flirting with my curtains now.  Here's photo of proof that I went out to have a life during holidays (because my photoless KL trip may not convince you) and I did not just roll in my bed for a week (which I thoroughly enjoyed for a day or two).

Then there's Good Friday and Easter and so many hours at church and I barely felt my sweet holiday and now it's gone and I'm never going to get it back and now I'm sick and angry and angry and sick since the second half of the school term started and now I really don't have any ideas to write about besides about hating my kids who disappoint me over and over again.

And so my word diarrhea ends here till I have other interesting things to say that isn't related to my disgruntled feelings towards work.

I know there's 252 followers of you out there, so if you could contribute some topics for me to run my mouth on, that'd be great.