Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Poetry (Or, Amanda Wants To Talk About Something But Doesn't Really Want To Talk About It)

It Burns Brightly In The Night

It burns brightly in the night
The mighty Candle, a shining light
it burns brightly to
light the darkness of the night

It burns brightly in the night
it burns, it burns -
Oh how it burns to give light

It burns brightly in the night
wax scorched by the flame
it drips, slowly like
blood of pain

It burns brightly in the night
body deformed by fire
soul chars into ashes
left nothing but a white, hard carcass

O candle -
you sacrifice yourself
for those who seek light
but you die in vain
- when you burn for the blind


Joan said...

love the poem! especially the final verse

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Joan: yay, i have faith in humanity again :D

kei-1 said...

and thus, let there be light.

I guess teacher's should just be fluorescent lights from now on. Force the kids to walk over and press the switch before you light them up.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

K: awesome metaphor!