Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pak Mie Shelter: For The Love of Dog

I'm sure most of you who bothered to watch the 24-minutes long video circulated around Facebook about a month ago have heard about this kind sir, Pak Mie.

If you haven't, 'cause I don't know, videos of ordinary people doing extraordinary things are not your thing (monkeys sniffing their butts are), well, this person Pak Mie is an animal loving saint. 

What he does is he rescues strays and cares for them.  All 700 of them. And mostly dogs.  He's a dog person.  And that makes him even cooler.

Therefore, with the spirit of Lent in me and the fact that I should be doing charity once I started working (unless the weekly church collection counts) to balance my karma and to bribe the universe to be good to me, I decided that I want to help this awesome sir take care of his dogs.

There are so many charity bodies out there, but somehow, this one struck a chord in my doggy-loving heart. 

It has been one of my ridiculous day dreams that if ever I get fucking rich, I'd like to built a shelter for all the stray, emancipated, sick dogs roaming around my hometown.

And Pak Mie shares my dream, only he materialised it.  And he's not even fucking rich.

And I know what it's like to be surrounded with lots of dogs bursting with all their love for you.

I also know what it's like to feed them.  Cooking for 10 and feeding them is a big task.  But cooking for and feeding hundreds of them? Effort Level: Dogs.

Therefore, I totally feel him.  So while I wait to get fucking rich to build my own shelter, I'll help him out.  If given a choice to save endangered leatherback turtles or dogs, I'd choose dogs a million times.  

So fellow dog lovers and fellow Catholics who badly needs redemption especially in this month of Lent, let's help Pak Mie out save more dogs.  You can check his Facebook page for more details on how.

Here's that long ass yet touching video that you saw but didn't bother to watch:

P/s: I hope there's no judgmental fucks here who think that I should help my fellow blind, deaf, spastic, poor, orphaned, old or abused humans instead of mere animals.  Seriously, I don't even want to argue with you.  For every retarded comment you make, a puppy commits suicide.

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