Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reason #13 It's Great To Be A Bachelor


Angpaus everywhere!

And today is Valentine's Day.

Every February 14, the rate of breakups is too damn high.

Also, the rate of curling in bed, crying while eating self-bought chocolates and fapping at the same time is too damn high as well.

So good luck.

And may you have a lovely day.

Happy Valentine's day people. XOXO


chegu carol said...

kalau ada icon thumb up, itu yang sy mau taruh sini hahaha

Birthie said...

Aha! I beg to differ!

Once you started working for some time, your angpao will get lesser too. I did a graph on that some time ago.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Carol: Mcm ada ba tu...hehe

Birthie: Haha. So true! 'coz they view us as 'adults'. and only kids get angaus.

chegu carol said...

hahaha oyakan...sudah ko cakap, baru sy nampak.