Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hiatus. Maybe.

This blog will probably be on a short sabbatical 'cause I have to send my laptop for repair.

I freaked out initially, backed the shit up of my stuffs, dreading the day it will crash.

But so far it didn't.   It still runs like normal.  Did everything I that learned from Google and Youtube, yet the pop-up still persists.

Geeks, any idea what's wrong here?

Anyway, since there'll be a week holiday, I'm going to send my laptop for repair.  You can't take any chances with life.   Therefore, there'll probably no updates from this blog till I get my laptop back.  Can't possibly blog on my dad's computer, I'd feel like I'm watching porn and my parents would catch me anytime.  Weird feeling, I know.

Like, as if anyone cares at all, but hey, I might have a mad stalker.  Mad stalker, this heads up is for you.

In the meantime, happy hols everyone!

And Gong Xi Fa Cai to all the yellow people!  (It's not racist if I'm half yellow myself, is it?)


kei-1 said...

ouch that's not a message you want to see, at all. I just faced the same thing 2 weeks ago and now my HDD is dead in the water.

If it still runs properly, it only means that it is giving you the grace time to backup everything that's important.

oh and be glad you get that message, rather than none at all...

Melancholic Fool said...

amanda, throw your laptop away and reward youself with a macbook... there'll be no prob like that... trust me...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@K: BUT MY LAPTOP IS ONLY 2 YEARS OLD, WTF?! Just changed it yesterday. Costed me my whole budget to survive till our next pay.

@Azhar: Hah, will think about it someday :D