Sunday, January 13, 2013

Unconventional Names of Kids These Days

Featured students, their parents and their bitch of loving teachers might stumble upon this blog, hence my choice of word "unconventional names".

People, gone are the days when kids are named boring, normal names like John and Catherine.

If celebs can name their children Pilot Inspektor and Blanket, why can't us, normal people name our children that would definitely need a spelling check in Word?  Heck, we can even get famous when we name our children something so swag like Hashtag.

Looking at the name lists of my new students, I realised how "creative" and what an anarchist their parents are.  How badly they want their children to be unique, and to stand out of the crowd.  Because no, there can't be three Johns in a class.  How would the children feel, sharing their names with the other kids?  That most certainly can't happen.

Here's the top 20 "unconventional" names I've come across:

1. Alyxie (is a boy by the way)
2. EC Jaessyka
3. Aamyrence
4. Vanselin
5. Macth
6. Marckchell
7. Gayn Joyful
8. Gayn Joyous
9. Syllesesther
10. Movierawanna
11. Syrizen
12. Melkisedek
13. Ai Drye
14. Zenorowey
15. Ewenzeo
16. Onesiforus
17. Eljoymirikosita
18. Elroiwandykan
19. Ipoyoda

And this one takes the cake:



P/s: Stumbled upon non-conformist names lately?  Or conventional names with rebellious misspellings?


Rungitom said...

Found out that Melkisedek/Melchizedek is a Hebrew name and Onesiforus is a name taken from the Bible. :D

Momo said...

my student's mom is named: WANITA BINTI MURAH. I freaking read it off her i/c.

Top that. Hahahahaha

chegu carol said...

im ok with unique names so long they are easy to pronounce and spelled. selalu sia frustrated tulis nama budak yang teover-over consonants dari vocals. haish...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Rungitom: Oh? Is that so? Then my sarcasm's off on these two names.

@Momo: NO?!

@Kay: Haha...Yeah, sometimes I have to make them write their names for me 'coz I don't know what they just said.

Santafire said...

in philippines, there's a kid named lord voldermort. kinda read his id somewhere around the net :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Santafire: Then nobody can say his name outloud. haha

Phoebe said...

The 1st few names sounded like the parents were trying oh-so-hard for the names to be unique. The middle of the list sounded like they are Germans and by the end of the list the names are fit for aliens. At least Yoda was still easy to pronounce and spell.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Phy: Hahaha...there's more where that came from..

sue hafiza said...

hi dear! well, my ex-schoolmate back then was named Nur Jelita..and u bet, she's NOT!!hehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Sue: hi! oh god, that's gotta be awkward every time she introduces herself!

Melancholic Fool said...

Things that parents put the child through... sigh...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Azhar: And they thought it was going to make them special.

Anonymous said...

I have a boy named 'Hercules' in the school where I'm currently doing my practicum. Haha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Anon: Whaat? i hope he can live up to that name!

cindy said...

I used to have a classmate back in college named 'DC'. You know, like.. just the letters D & C!

PS: By the way, found my way here through Chegu Carol. *hee*

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Cindy: Hi there! Hm...I think I know DC's siblings, coz I had a classmate called LC, and all her siblings have two letter names...Btw, thanks for stopping by!