Monday, January 28, 2013

The Silent Riot

Do you remember your first history class?  We were asked why should we study about dead people, learn about countries with weird names and memorise numbers and a whole lot of shit.  History is probably voted the most boring subject in school ever, so why the hell should we sit through it for 5 years?

Ok, actually I have selective amnesia especially when it comes to my school years, so I really don't remember how my first history class went.

But what I know, and what intelligent quotes tell me is that we need to learn about our past so that our future won't be as fucked.

So that's what our history textbooks are for.

But what happens when "certain" parts of history are deliberately left out?

We aren't aware about it, hence, history is able to repeat itself.

Orchestrated, paid demonstrations, bombings, sacred grounds torched, "religious" dispute, the rising number of illegal immigrants and their "use" - these happened a long time and still is.

I'm a week late to talk about this thing, in which in Internet years, is like a century old news already, but I'm posting about it anyway.

If you haven't watched this video, please do, especially if you're Sabahan, and you're young and don't know shit.    It's 30 minutes long, but I can promise you that in 30 minutes, you'll be enlightened as shit.  If you're not Sabahan, your ass will be enlightened as well.

And when the time comes, you'll know what to do.

We can make it difference, we can save this land of ours.

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Alvin Ting said...

I was wondering about some of the grammatical and sentence structure errors in this post. Strange for an english teacher i thought. Then i saw the time stamp of when this piece was published.. 3.15 am and i was "Aaaa... That explains it."

Alvin Ting said...

Hang on, why is my comment time stamp 4.02 am when it is only after 8pm? Now the confusion starts.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Alvin: Hah! You're good. Belum edit habis sdh terpost ba tu. Then I went to have dinner and take a bath. Getting on it now :P

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