Friday, January 18, 2013

How To Play Snake on Youtube

Okay, initially I was going to write a long-ass post about Malaysia's latest comedian, Ms Sharifah Whatsherface.

Then Beyonce's song "Listen" got stuck in my head.

So I Youtubed her video so that I can sing along with her.

Then I realised I'm not the only one.

One video led one one video to another, and I ended up playing classic Nokia game Snake on Youtube.

I loved this handphone game! Well, that's because it was the only game available in my monophonic Nokia phone, two centuries ago.

So how do we take a trip down to memory lane while waiting for our video to buffer?  Just press the keys LEFT and UP simultaneously and that little snake will appear.  And you can play it till your video is done buffering! YAY YOUTUBE!

So yeah, two hours later playing snake while screaming to Beyonce, I kinda lost all intellectual inspiration to write about this current issue.  So I'll just summarise it then.

Ms Sharifah Whatshername is a complete bitch.

Happy playing Snake on Youtube!


Santafire said...

my snake blinks and dies before it even reach the food >_<

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Santafire: haha...glitch perhaps? i tried playing again and the whole page crashed.