Monday, January 28, 2013

The Silent Riot

Do you remember your first history class?  We were asked why should we study about dead people, learn about countries with weird names and memorise numbers and a whole lot of shit.  History is probably voted the most boring subject in school ever, so why the hell should we sit through it for 5 years?

Ok, actually I have selective amnesia especially when it comes to my school years, so I really don't remember how my first history class went.

But what I know, and what intelligent quotes tell me is that we need to learn about our past so that our future won't be as fucked.

So that's what our history textbooks are for.

But what happens when "certain" parts of history are deliberately left out?

We aren't aware about it, hence, history is able to repeat itself.

Orchestrated, paid demonstrations, bombings, sacred grounds torched, "religious" dispute, the rising number of illegal immigrants and their "use" - these happened a long time and still is.

I'm a week late to talk about this thing, in which in Internet years, is like a century old news already, but I'm posting about it anyway.

If you haven't watched this video, please do, especially if you're Sabahan, and you're young and don't know shit.    It's 30 minutes long, but I can promise you that in 30 minutes, you'll be enlightened as shit.  If you're not Sabahan, your ass will be enlightened as well.

And when the time comes, you'll know what to do.

We can make it difference, we can save this land of ours.

Spread the love baby!

Friday, January 18, 2013

How To Play Snake on Youtube

Okay, initially I was going to write a long-ass post about Malaysia's latest comedian, Ms Sharifah Whatsherface.

Then Beyonce's song "Listen" got stuck in my head.

So I Youtubed her video so that I can sing along with her.

Then I realised I'm not the only one.

One video led one one video to another, and I ended up playing classic Nokia game Snake on Youtube.

I loved this handphone game! Well, that's because it was the only game available in my monophonic Nokia phone, two centuries ago.

So how do we take a trip down to memory lane while waiting for our video to buffer?  Just press the keys LEFT and UP simultaneously and that little snake will appear.  And you can play it till your video is done buffering! YAY YOUTUBE!

So yeah, two hours later playing snake while screaming to Beyonce, I kinda lost all intellectual inspiration to write about this current issue.  So I'll just summarise it then.

Ms Sharifah Whatshername is a complete bitch.

Happy playing Snake on Youtube!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Unconventional Names of Kids These Days

Featured students, their parents and their bitch of loving teachers might stumble upon this blog, hence my choice of word "unconventional names".

People, gone are the days when kids are named boring, normal names like John and Catherine.

If celebs can name their children Pilot Inspektor and Blanket, why can't us, normal people name our children that would definitely need a spelling check in Word?  Heck, we can even get famous when we name our children something so swag like Hashtag.

Looking at the name lists of my new students, I realised how "creative" and what an anarchist their parents are.  How badly they want their children to be unique, and to stand out of the crowd.  Because no, there can't be three Johns in a class.  How would the children feel, sharing their names with the other kids?  That most certainly can't happen.

Here's the top 20 "unconventional" names I've come across:

1. Alyxie (is a boy by the way)
2. EC Jaessyka
3. Aamyrence
4. Vanselin
5. Macth
6. Marckchell
7. Gayn Joyful
8. Gayn Joyous
9. Syllesesther
10. Movierawanna
11. Syrizen
12. Melkisedek
13. Ai Drye
14. Zenorowey
15. Ewenzeo
16. Onesiforus
17. Eljoymirikosita
18. Elroiwandykan
19. Ipoyoda

And this one takes the cake:



P/s: Stumbled upon non-conformist names lately?  Or conventional names with rebellious misspellings?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back To Work, Angry

...As it is shittier than last year.

Damn apocalypse should've happened.

I have more classes this year, but my kids seem lovely so far.  Note SEEM and SO FAR.  So I'm not gonna bitch about how I hate teaching more classes 'coz well, that's my job.

I'm just angry at some decisions made and how we, the modus operandi of the school are being treated.

One of the new changes is that now, extra curricular activities and meetings will only be done on Saturdays. Saturdays.  Saturdays.  Sweet, beautiful, precious Saturdays.  Okay I get that by doing this, teaching and learning periods won't be disturbed, and it will solve the problem of teacher-less classes during long meetings.  But looking at the statistics of other top schools in my town, they rarely (or maybe never) have classes on Saturdays and yet their academic achievement is better than us.  I wonder what is their non-Saturday working secret.

Also, we're back on the "Konsep Guru Penyayang" bandwagon.  What loving monstrosity we have to do?  Put on a fake smile and greet our students lovingly every morning at the main gate.  I wish my teachers had done that for us to show that they love us so much that they would rush to sacrifice their morning time to greet us instead of spending that precious, limited time to prepare breakfast for their own children from their own bloody womb.  If they had done that, I would have been the fucking Queen of England already by now, and the rest of us would be saving children in China from child labour.

Okay, I know that some teachers have to go through a lot more fucked up things/rules than what I'm going through in my school now.  And I know the administration means well, and all of these changes and extra work is for the good of our future generation.  But one question, whenever we want to improve something, especially when it come to education, why must we ADD more work?  When that is the main problem, teachers have too many unnecessary work to be done to focus on their actual job, teaching?  Why don't we ever have any cutbacks on the trivial things?  Let me answer that for you: 'Coz our education system is just fucking awesome.

I also learned something at the beginning of this new year.

See, we had a meeting this morning (NOTE TODAY IS A SATURDAY AND I WOKE UP IRRITATED).  I don't know if this is a common workplace issue, but I learned that if you have a problem, or you question a certain dumbfuck action and you voice it out, hoping that a solution would be discussed and made (you know, because it's a motherfucking meeting), your message will be computed as: "I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS BECAUSE I'M LAZY AND IRRESPONSIBLE."  And when you get a respond which has nothing to do with solving the issue, or most likely to get shot down for nothing, you'll be like:

In the end, nothing gets resolved, and you are angrier than before.  It's like when people tell you to say your true feelings, but when you do, they think it's stupid anyway.  So I learned now, why bother?  From now on I'll just let anything that upsets me eat me inside.  I'll just not give a fuck for something that I think is stupid, or doesn't contribute in any learning for my kids.

Also, I learned that whenever students fuck up, it's always the teachers fault.  We don't have to teach kids to be accountable for their actions.  When they fail, it's our fault as well.  It's our fault that when we want to have awesome fun lessons with them, the school lacks resources and facilities and that we have to go back to chalk-and-talk.  If they fail in life, it's not their fault, not their friends, not their parents, not the education system.  IT'S YOU, THE TEACHER.

What a great way to start the year, aye?

Happy working teacher friends.  Let's hope there will be no table flips and WoW-type freakouts this year.