Sunday, September 30, 2012

Orphaned Puppies Update: A month has passed, so did one

The death of the first pup became a reality check for us to be aware that no matter how hard we care for them, their survival rate is very, very low.

It made us sorta prepared to face and accept that the other two might face a premature demise too.  We have accepted the fact that all of them probably have contracted some virus in which their bodies can't fight.  It is just a matter of time when their little bodies give out.

But both the boys made it to one month old, in which we were glad and relieved.

Now, at one month old, we started giving them mush.  They are still learning how to eat, in which results making them look like little pigs instead.

Therefore, we need to clean and blow dry them every time after feeding.

As you can see, they were perfectly fine.

6 hours later during the next feeding time, one of them once again showed the exact signs before Ting Ting II died.  This time, he was breathing harder, and whimpered in pain as he breathe.  He was also too weak to eat, and ended up vomiting whatever amount he managed to eat.

The next morning, he was still alive, yet very weak.  We thought that if he survived the whole night, this thing he's experiencing would go away soon.

But a few hours later, as we gently stroke his body, he vomited blood.

Then he died, right in front of us.

This was taken the night before he died.
At one month old, Gabby II left us today.

I thought I was prepared for this and that I had ran out of tears, but clearly, you are never prepared to lose a pet that you have cared for and loved with all your heart.  The only consolation is thinking that now he is reunited with his mom and sister in heaven, completely free from viruses and pain; and that he won't have to endure a hard life of always being susceptible to diseases on this wretched earth.


And so, then there was one.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting A Master's Degree: Enlightens Minds, Burns Pockets

When I was still studying, I always thought to myself that when I graduate, I ain't gonna stop just there.

I have big dreams after I graduated with my bachelor's degree: to pursue my Master's degree in a foreign country where it snows, and to come back as a bad ass lecturer.  I'd like to dabble in something fun say, creative writing or arts and performance.  You know, for the sake of knowledge.

When I started working, I realised how horrible the kids, school and our education system are.  I was even more driven to pursue my studies so that I can get out of this shit hole A.S.A.P. .  Fuck knowledge, I'd taking any boring course just to end my misery.

Two years later, I didn't think I would ever say this but, things did get a lot better.  I was able to handle defiant kids better, I laugh at my kids' failures (and mine apparently) instead of moping around, and I have established an excellent rapport with my colleagues.  The kids, school and education system are still horrible, but I am a lot stronger now and I really don't give a shit any more.

Well I do, but my point is that I no longer have that burning urge to enrol in any university with questionable credibility which offers a 'buy 1 free 1' master's degree course.  Like, I'm totally fine and getting a master's degree can wait.  A wise and awesome lecturer once told me that experience is our greatest teacher.  Gain 5-10 years worth of teaching experience, then you'd be intellectually ready to pursue a master's degree.  So since I'm currently having fun going for breakfast in the morning and karaoke-ing at bars at night with my colleagues teaching at my school, I'm good.


A local university just set up a branch here in my home town offering master's degree courses.  That means I do not have to commute to the big city every weekend which would be such a pain, should I decide on pursuing my studies.

At first, I didn't think too much of it.  'Coz like I said, I'm in no hurry to upgrade this brain of mine.

Then my colleagues started saying how awesome it would be if we were to take it together, and even take the same course together.  It sounded a lot like she's suggesting a mani-pedi sesh together, but her reasons were quite plausible.  Though I'm not so into the course they also decided on taking: Education Leadership and Management (sounds like a snooze fest to me), it would be undeniably easier to plagiarise each other do any work as we're doing the same thing.

So you could say that if I'm really doing this, my main reason of furthering my studies is just because of peer pressure (a good one though), and not so that I can get out of school and be a lecturer, and most definitely not to quench my thirst for knowledge.  Like, what thirst, right?

I have only one concern though.  If decided to do this, that means I need to scrimp on my annual foreign excursions for a couple of years.  I'm already scrimping on smartphones and branded clothes so that I can do non-materialistic stuff like oh I don't know, swim in the Andaman sea or visiting 1000 year-old Eight Wonder of the World temples.  I probably need to get a new, inexpensive hobbies like crocheting, baking, gardening and other momsy shit.

But even if I turn all momsy and probably have other blogs each for my sewing, cooking and agricultural passion, I would already have a master's degree.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Orphaned puppies update: Then there were two

My joy of them puppies making it to their second week was premature.

It was too soon to say they were already out of the woods.

Ting Ting II died three days later.

She was perfectly fine during her last feed, about 4 hours before.  Then she went limp, her mouth dry, and she was breathing hard.

Then she was gone by midnight.

We knew we should be prepared for things like this to happen, due to their zero antibody condition; and we did remind ourselves over and over again that we're just going to take care of them for however long they will survive, but still, we were heartbroken.

It's funny how we only knew the puppies for two weeks, yet we're so madly in love with them.  

Two days ago, we thought that we were going to lose Cody II as well, as he was showing similar signs like Ting Ting II exhibited before she died.

But being the little fighter that he is, he made it the next day.

Our best bet was that they contracted pneumonia.  After all, they were born soaked with their mother's blood in a cold, grey morning.  And now they have runny nose and you can hear when they breathe (especially at night when the temperature drops) that their trachea is full of mucus.  Even the vet can't do anything about it but just give them vitamin shots.  Plus at three weeks old now, their weight didn't double like it should.  Just only a minor increase.

They're still as tiny as when they were born.  Just really puffy.

So tragically, we'll never know if they are ever going to be out of danger.

On the bright side, at three weeks old, they're learning to walk!

With the reality of them of having a high mortality rate, we'll just take care of them one day at a time.  Whatever happens, we know that we have done our best.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bad Essay: A Dramatic Reading of an Essay Entitled "Beauty"

Okay folks, it's that time of year again where I butcher butchered English essays!

First of all, some people might think I'm cruel (uh, hello, read title of the blog), and that if the victim of a published bad essay read out loud stumbles upon this, he or she will be scarred for life.

Well that's what I'm aiming for.

They need to know what an abomination their English is and this will give them a whiplash motivation to learn and just listen to the things that I say in class over and fucking over again.

And there are those who might think that I'm just shooting myself in the foot as it clearly shows how I have failed as an English teacher.

Yes, I am shooting myself in the foot.  I have failed and now I'm making fun of my failure.

It beats being depressed and looking at job vacancies in newspapers.

So I present to you, another bad essay from the second term exams, read in a dramatic way (or that's how I think it's done).  Enjoy!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Orphaned puppies update: They've opened their eyes!

The pups' most crucial period has passed.  They've made it to two weeks.

And they've opened their eyes!


By the way, they are officially named already.

Okay, this may come across as a little bit uncreative; you know, how some people name every new black dogs they own 'Blackie' after the previous ones died, but we decided to name the three of them after our dogs who have already met their maker, as coincidentally, the ones we lost were 2 males and 1 female, just like the pups.  After all, getting three more pups after losing three this year seemed like God's awesome of way of saying, "My bad on the three.  But hey, I replaced them! XOXO."

The pup above is Ting Ting II, as she is the only female.  Her eyes are even similar to 'ol Ting Ting.

And this is Gabby II.

Pure black and needy, just like our little Gabby Baby.  Hence the pacifier.

Last but not least, Cody's predecessor, Cody II.

The difference is like heaven and earth, but what the hell.  We most certainly can't call him Wan Wan No. 2, can we?  Oh, there is one similarity.  He has a peen.

Of course, these new members can never replace our previous dogs, but one comfort that it'd bring is when we call these three names, Ting Ting, Gabby and Cody, there will be three wagging tails charging towards us.    There is a big difference in appearance, but it would be as if they have never left.

If you're in need of some cuteness overload, here's a video of the pups.

And oh, if they could make it to a month old, you're in for a treat.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Plastic Storage Box: The Holy Grail for Storing Shoes

I love shoes. 

More than I love bags and clothes.

With that being said, I'm always looking for better ways to store them.  You could say I'm slightly obsessed.

I thought I found my shoe storage organiser holy grail when I saw this.

It stores a gazilion shoes at a time and it's transparent.  Love that I don't have to rummage through all my shoes to find just one particular pair.

I even bought four of this (got a good price on Ebay).

But how it really turned out?

Flimsy as shit.

And how it really is with shoes in it?

An absolute disappointment.

It's really flimsy and just plain sucky.  I'm willing to give away my two extra shoe organisers.  Anyone?

So since that day on, I've been searching and googling and ebaying for the perfect shoe storage.

And I found it.

I present to you, plastic shoe storage boxes:

Okay fine, they're just like regular shoe boxes.  But what I like about them is that they're transparent! I don't have to open ALL of my shoe boxes to find my shoes any more!  The 'My Shoes' print there is pretty unnecessary for me, but I guess some people are into it.

Plus, its structure is pretty sturdy, compared to the flimsy ass shoe storage organiser mentioned.  And there are holes, for I don't know, allowing a creature stuck in your shoe escape safely?  Brilliance.

With these babies, my shoes can now be stored nicely!

With a dimension of 30cm X 18cm X 10cm, it fits all sneakers perfectly.

But best of all, it can feet the chunkiest espadrilles and my 5" heels.

Holy, holy grail!

After boxing 'em, I stacked 'em up all up at a lone corner in my room, and voila, my shoes are finally organised neatly.  

I am finally contented with the storage condition of my shoes (till I stumbled upon new ones).  Achievement unlocked!

P/s: I got these babies from, for RM6 per box, but as usual, the deals ain't really deals when you do your research; I learned afterwards (damn my impulsive buying) you can get a cheaper price on Ebay.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Orphaned puppies made it to one week!

Last week there was this really sad incident where I lost my dog due to labour complications.  And she left us with 3 little puppies who were orphaned then and there.

We were lost, thinking how we would be able to hand raise them without their mother's care, and most importantly, her milk which was supposed to give them the nutrition and antibodies they need.

So we just did what he had to do.  Nurse them every two hours.  Make them poop and pee.  Clean after them.  Provide them enough heat.  Everything their mother would do.  Give them antibiotics to substitute the antibodies they lack.  And oh, we have to make sure they don't suck each others' ears and genitals when they get antsy/hungry.  Yes, they do that, those poor little funny things.

You could say I basically became a mom overnight.  And hell, I have a new found respect and appreciation to all new mothers out there.  HOW DID YOU DO IT?!

Every day, we wake up and hope to see that they would make it another day.

And today, marks their first week in this world.

Happy first week puppies!

May you have many more weeks to come. XOXO, Human Mom.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dr Melinda Tong, Dermatologist: Highly Recommended!

So today was my fourth appointment with Dr Skin Goddess after my last one two months ago.

The moment she saw me, she's like, "FLAWLESS!"

She even wrote 'flawless' in my medical record file.  LOL.

So basically, today, and for the past few weeks, I am officially acne-free.

There is a god, hallelujah!

My Acnotin dose has been reduced to twice weekly, and then later will be monthly, and hopefully, I will be medication free.


There is a slight problem here.  But a big ass first world problem.

To be medication free and acne free forever and ever, I have to totally stop wearing makeup (as in foundation/two way cake/powder).

I gasp with horror.

How am I supposed to face my tactless students?!

I am not so vain as I did go to work without makeup a few times (but those are for camps and non-academic activities).  But when the kids saw me, they're like, "Teacher, what the fuck's wrong with your face?!"  Well, not exactly their words, but you can see in their eyes that they were disappointed with their seemingly gorgeous and flawless teacher who actually has sallow, sickly skin and panda eyes when not wearing makeup.  I have to lie that I don't have enough sleep, whereas I did have the perfect 8 hour beauty sleep.

So I am in a real dilemma here.  Wear makeup to work and look like a super model, but have acnes forever and have to eat the damn liver-damaging Acnotin; or, not wear makeup forever and look like a Plain Jane, no, an actual teacher who puts the needs of her students before hers hence not caring how she looks, but skin will be flawless forever.  


It's like making me choose a favourite child.

Makeup to me is like second skin, and it's a great confidence booster knowing that you look prettier than the other ladies.  However, if I do have flawless skin now (which I do, albeit a little scarring here and there), I don't really need makeup 'coz the point of makeup is to cover flaws.  But I'd still feel naked without it especially when going for work.  

However, she's right.  Why do we wear makeup? To cover flaws.  But it will also cause flaws.  And you wear more makeup.  And it will never stop.  It's a fucking vicious cycle.

Therefore, I will, no matter how hard it will be, to consider not wearing makeup to school.  Someday.  She said it's okay to wear foundation once in a while.  For special occasions, and definitely not for 5 days a week.  According to her, the level of harmfulness of face makeup from least harmful to the most is this: loose powder < powder < two-way cake < liquid foundation < BB cream.  Or something like that (she speaks really fast).  So if I really, really, can't possibly go to work without makeup, I'd have to use just loose powder.  And still have acne.  Fuck.

On a side note, I did ask her about anti-ageing serums and collagens, using my mother as a pretext for my own use, 'coz well, I'm obsessed on looking forever young, besides having clear skin.

Here's something that would be very useful for you beauty junkies out there.  Over the counter anti-ageing serums do not have any active ingredients, therefore are allowed to be sold e.g. Estee Lauder, SK-II.  No matter what the advertisement says, they do not contain the active ingredients permitted to be sold for the masses without the prescription of doctors.  Therefore, it will not promise you baby butt skin so it will be a waste of hard earned cash.  If you want an actual working serum, go to a dermatologist who will prescribe you one after numerous questions, blood tests and hormone tests.

As for collagen drinks, they're just as good as eating steaks.  'Coz they are just protein from whatever animals.  So yes, you're very much welcome as I have made you saved a lot of money from buying a RM300 elixir of youth.

So I asked her, what is the secret of a youthful skin and being?  Basically the things that we already know: enough sleep, lots of water, veges and fruits, no smoking, no drinking and sufficient exercise.  Don't be lazy, she said.  There's no miracle cure for ageing.  But she did suggest on taking calcium and fish oil.  Vitamin C injections don't work either, but laser treatment for scars and wrinkles do.  Botox should be alright (judging from her fabulous cheeks), but it's better to get it done by a doctor, rather than a beautician who makes you buy stuff and do things you don't really need.

Funny how you never listen to your mother, but when a stranger tells you the same thing, you'd listen to them instead.   So, for the first time, as I was having breakfast right after my appointment with her, I ate the veges in my bowl of yee mien.  (I need to stop chastising my younger brother for never listening to our advice but for listening to others')

So, in conclusion, being a living testimony to her awesomeness, I highly recommend her for your skin woes.  And tell her I said hi if you ever decide to meet her. :D