Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Caramel Brown Foam Color

Okay, so you might be thinking that you're lost, like, what happened to Amanda's blog, why did it turn into a shitty beauty blog, or did a beauty blogger hacked into her account and decide to use her name because she has like, an astounding number of 250 followers?

Well, to be honest, since I'm less angry at the world now, I'm kinda running out of things to bitch about.

Hence a review of something really petty like, hair dye.  I mean like, THE WORLD IS GOING TO END TOMORROW, AND HERE I AM TALKING ABOUT HAIR DYE?! It's absurd.

Moving on.

Right, so the last time I did something drastic to my hair was cut it into Miss Posh's infamous bob.  Then I pretty much let it grow, and trim it every now and then.  I had like, really boring black hair since I started working.  My boss doesn't allow teachers to dye their hair in fear of 'the kids copying their teachers'.  Eff.  I don't see my students who worship me walking around in 5 inch booties in school anyway, so his argument is invalid.  And it's killing me not to, as you're aware of my hair-story.

But since I have worked there for two years and been a good girl throughout, it's time to fuck the rules and bring out the peroxides!

Well, I'm threading slowly of course.

So here's the review!

Though I badly want to mess with my hair, I didn't want to spend a bomb on it either.  Well more like I have debts to pay off and other adult stuff like that, so yeah, I decided to dye my hair myself using those shampoo/foam colour dyes you can get at a drugstore e.g. Watson, not a meth lab.

I chose this:

I don't want to shock my boss with purple dip dye highlights yet, so I chose the most subtle colour, brown.  Also, I want it to look natural.  FOR NOW.

According to the box, you just have to mix the formula and put it on your hair and massage as if you're shampooing.  It will be in foam form, duh.

At first, there was barely any foam as it just disappears when you put it on your hair.  And since the bottle is small, I freaked out for a while thinking that it might not be enough and that I'll end up with a bad hair job and that I have to go to the salon to fix it while being chided by the hairstylist.

But it was more than enough.

I think I took a good 25 minutes to get this done as I almost passed out with the ammonia smell (exaggerating of course) and my scalp started to burn (also, an exaggerated statement).  Also, it doesn't stain your skin, like normal dyes would do.  'Coz it's foam.  Foam are fun stuff.

40 minutes later, a deep shampoo and conditioning and staining my bathroom and clogging the drain, this is how my RM32.90 dye job turned:

Yes, my original hair is dark brown under overexposed light.


It turned out perfect.

My boss is so not got to notice it at all!

For now.


Santafire said...

I just bought that in Champagne Pink yesterday. I didn't get the result I should get according to the chart-whatever. Pfft. 8D your hair looks fab!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Santafire: Oh it didn't? Well it does sound like an awesome colour that is too good too be true. hehe. Btw, thaanks!

Phoebe said...

Love the hair color babe.. ^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Phy: Thanks babe! :D

Just said...

awesome! was thinking to dye my hair. being me, brown is a definite color. form type looks easier to apply kan. ba, mau pigi beli la.. :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Just: ba,p la. hehe :D