Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Officially Starts!

But first of all...

So we won't be seeing this date again.  And the point being?  We won't be seeing 11.11.11, 16.5.12, 4.7.1886 ever again either.  



We shared the joy with the students when the exam ended.

They looked so happy.

If only they knew what sad reality lies ahead of them.


Now that I'm finally free, I need to do some sorting and fixing.

Yep, the whole thing just collapsed.

It's either I have too many clothes or I just need a bigger wardrobe.

Yeah, I think I just need a bigger wardrobe.

Happy holidays exam invigilators! Your insane boredom is finally over! Less than 3 weeks till school starts! Fuck us, right?


kei-1 said...

Holidays ahoy~ have a good one fellow pirates~

Joan said...

ah...don't remind me about the school starting in *what* 3 weeks?

mo ketawa sa tinguk tu almari ko rubuh..bikin yang built in cabinet la..kukuh sikit tu..

have a great hols manda!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@K: Happy hols matey! arr

@Joan: haha...tu la tu. I need a new wardrobe! Happy hols to u too!

chegu carol said...

sure the wardrobe ka mau kasi besar? when was the last time you sorted your clothes? hahaha.... happy holidays!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: hehehe...ergh, mau sort out la ba ni ;p. Happy hols kay!

Jj said...

u definitely need a bigger lamari :) happy holiday amanda!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Jj: Yay, ada org sokong sy. hehe. Thanks!