Friday, December 28, 2012

Achievements and Failures of 2012

Hey there earthlings.  It's been a week since the doomsday that should have happened.

And here we are, still breathing and taking pleasure at Grumpy Cat posts.

But aren't you slightly disappointed it didn't happen?  I was.  I mean, I don't wish for a full blown apocalypse, but I'd really like to see the world go dark for three days.  I mean like, don't you think that it'd be cool?  Like, for once in your boring lifetime, something extraordinary happened?

Oh well.  We'll just wait for the Rapture then.

Anyways, the year will end in a few days.  Fuck us, right?

Earlier this year I made a list of things that I should do/achieve for 2012.

Let's see how I fared so far.

1. Drink eight glasses of water.

Hm.  Hmmm.  At first I kept count.  But then I stumbled upon an a trusty Internet article that we humans do not necessarily need to drink 8 glasses of water.  As we get our liquid from other source like fruits and stuff too.  Therefore, I do believe I have drunk enough water.  Even though it may not be exactly 8 glasses like a nerd.

2. Eat fruits every day.

Hm. Hmmm.  I did...but sometimes you run out of fruits and when you do, you'd think twice to go to the supermarket when you think of how jammed town would be.

3. Minimise bruises, scratches and mosquito bites.

I tried.  By God I tried.  But I'm just accident-prone.

4. Actually join my netball team.

Nope.  Didn't join them for training.  I think it's because of my tuition classes.  Yep, that's gotta be it.

5. Make my English Language Society kick ass.

Well, not really kick ass, but I did manage to give my kids a little project to do, organised by the British Council mentors.  Baby steps I say.

6.  Less rage in class.

I didn't go batshit crazy, but I did snap and left class without a word.  I failed this, didn't I?

7. Travel to two countries.

I only went to one! DOH!

8. Climb Mount Kinabalu...again!

There was a lot of talk on the subject matter but asses weren't moved.  Sometimes when you plan too much, nothing happens.  HUMANS.

9. Save enough money to buy a gizmo.

Is buying an apartment considered a gizmo?  It has switchable lights and ceiling fans.  No?  Well I bought an apartment.  Apartment wins against a stupid smartphone.

10. Complete/Continue 2011's resolution.

"Like achieving baby butt's skin and going to the gym regularly.  And to continue becoming awesome and doing awesome things so that I can be an awesomer person this year." Yup. NAILED IT.

Damn, I only achieved 4 out of 10.


That's it, no more resolutions for next year.  I'm just gonna live my life without any plans and let's see what shit I might end up doing/getting in.

Enjoy the last remaining days of the year people.  Get hammered responsibly.

So, did you achieve any of your resolutions that you have set for this year?


Rungitom said...

Welp, time to continue on for 2013. Happy New Year!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Yes! Happy new year tom!