Monday, December 31, 2012

7 Goals of 2013


Okay so I know in my last post I said I'd screw resolutions because I fucked most of it by the end of the year.

Well, when I think about it, I realised I still need to do few things this year so that my life would be more awesome, apart from living dangerously.

After all, I am hitting a very adult age of 27 in November.  Read 'in November'.  I'm still 26.  Therefore, I need to take care of myself so that I'll still look smokin'.  It's the dream.

Here we go:

1. Get fit and keep it that way

Throughout last year, I was sorta fit (compared to when I wasn't exercising at all because I hated sports) and I could almost see with all my pride and joy that little baby abs started forming.  Then Christmas came.   Aaand it's gone.  With willpower I may be able to get it back and it keep it away from the evils of holidays seasons.

2.  Drink less

In my attempt of getting fit and healthy, of course I need to drink less. Not quiting, just limiting it compared to my almost weekly night out last year.

3.  Wear less makeup

This is what my derms wants me to do if I want to continue to have flawless skin sans the liver-rotting medication.  So starting this year, I'll be wearing only loose powder as face makeup to work.  She wants me to quit putting stuff my face completely, but she has no idea how cruel kids these days can get.  Hopefully my new hair style would distract my students from making crude remarks on my less than flawless face.

4.  Don't go shopping till September

I'm going to shopping haven Bandung in September and I swear I'm going to buy the whole store.  Therefore I shouldn't waste my money to buy stuff here that I can get there for a fraction of the price.  Probably need to terminate my Paypal account too.

5.  Buy a smartphone that is way better than yours

Yes, it's time.  It's time not to feel like a loser with a phone that can only make calls and send texts and take grainy VGA quality photos.  And my new phone will be better than yours 'coz you bought it 2-3 years ago with a prehistoric operating system.

6. Read more books

Recently the Internet and the abundance of TV shows have replaced books as my entertainment.  I want to look sophisticated again, so will at least read 12 books this year.  At least.

7.  Be more creative as a teacher


In my second year of teaching, I focused a lot on exam-oriented lessons 'coz I though that's what they need. I can feel myself turning that teacher I vowed not to be.  Of course there were still lots of games and song activities, but this year, I think I'll make my students play more.  Except for the exam classes though.

So other than these 7 things to be done, I'm just gonna sail through life and see where it takes me.  No plans, no schedules, no pressure.

Who knows,  I might finally marry a handsome, nice, totally straight billionaire whom I met on a cruise in the Mediterranean seas.

So, do you have resolutions and goals, or are you just going to go enjoy life as it is?


Dora said...

oh I want those abs too! Dr. Melinda said I am allergic to alcohol, good thing the most I can take is Sandy so I am not missing it that much..haha

All the best for the resolutions!Happy New year :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Dora: We all do. haha. Oh you met her? Isn't she the best! Yeah, at least you still can have a little happy juice. hehe..

Rungitom said...

All the best Amanda, you can do it!

Jia Yiing Ho said...

Don't dump Rudy.

hahaha...Happy New Year Amanda! Do you mind to share your successful games/lessons? I'm thinking of making them love English since PBS is just...sheets of papers, documented.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Rungitom: Thanks!

@Lucy: la i wont. for now. haha...Hm, ok, I think I'll write a post about it. Stay tuned!

Jj said...

happy new year moi! good luck with ur resolutions kio!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Jj: Thanks!!

Armstrong said...

Ever since I was young (uisheh, tua suda kunun), I always told myself that I'm gonna start doing this on this date, gonna do that on that date... but I realised that I could never have an exact planned date to do something. Sometimes, things just have to be done or started on random dates.

Example: I will start exercising on January 1st, 2012. Yup I said 2012. And look, I'm still not fit. I'm not fat. Just that, I would feel better if I couldn't see some unnecessary bloating on my tummy. Hahaaha.

So, I'll just do things I like whenever I feel like it. I don't like the constant pressure from my awesome version of me. LOL.

I dunno what I just said.

Happy New Year and happy Thursday yo.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Armstrong: haha...well,most of the time the unplanned things are the best. :D

Dee Loner said...

we have one thing in common in regards of the resolution. read a book, pronto! hahaah. tv n internet had gotten me, bad, last year so gotta start feeling n looking sophisticated again.. teeheheee..


Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Dee Loner: I know right? Good luck to you too!