Friday, November 16, 2012

Orphaned Puppy Update: 3 Months!

Cody II @Odie is 3 months old!

That's a pretty big milestone for a puppy who was strip away from everything essential for him the moment he was born.

Despite being three months old, he is still the tiniest, and will always will be.  Unless we decide to get a teacup terrier.

When he stands beside Sookie, it makes Sookie look like the giant dog from The Neverending Story.

Nevertheless, despite his condition and birth story that could make grown men cry,  he is as active as how a healthy pup should be.

You know, walking like humans and opening kitchen cabinets.
One more vaccination jab and we can finally take a breather.

By the way, on a side note, if you are planning to get a dog, or already have a dog but don't know this, you need to get them vaccinated as early as 2 months old, and two more jabs for each consecutive month.  Then a yearly jab after the first three.  Or else, there's a risk of them contracting deadly viruses.  A dear friend of mine just lost her baby due to this, but of course, she didn't know better.

Sob story aside, here's cute video of him to end this post!


Joan said...

yeay! besar sudah..

and I agree with you about the vaccination thingy. Susah payah la especially kalau banyak anjing but better than kalau sudah sakit baru ulang alik pigi vet

Santafire said...

How times flies. He made it! Thank God :)

Meitzeu said...

Both puppy and your dog are so adorable!

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Joan: yup2! yeah, tell me bout it. sometimes when the vet sees me, he'll go 'apa lagi?'...heheh

@Santafire: yeah baby!

@Meitzeu: thanks! :D

Cath S.J said...

i see discriminations and voice changed between odie(sweet voice) and sookie(harsh voice) hahahah!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Cath: they're bigger now! :D