Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Master's Degree Progress: I Quit

Yeah, so about a month ago, I made this big, so-full-of-myself, announcement that I was going to further my studies.

I even already paid like, a lot of money for the deposit for the first semester.

An amount of money that can make you weep in despair thinking of all the nice, shiny things you could have, had you put a lot of thought before making such an investment.

But I decided to kill that thought, and think of the long run instead.

Ok if you cared at all, you must be wondering why I decided to quit my master's programme in less than a month it started.

As you are aware (if you have read about it), I made a spontaneous decision without thinking much.

Then I met wiser people in the industry planting ideas in my head.

Here's a summary of what they told me:

1. It's better to graduate from a public university as it is definitely recognised.
2. Quality wise, public universities also win hands down.  Yup, there are stories.
3. If you intend to become a lecturer someday, you should further your studies in your field, and not some general knowledge stuff like management and shit.
4. It's better to study full time.  Your brain will not feel like exploding all the time.
5. And it's definitely better to work for at least 5 years to gain experience before taking another step forward.

With the reasons above, I decided to back out before I make a huge, time consuming and expensive mistake.

I'm not proud of quitting, and it's a little bit embarrassing to reread my post about being so excited and smug to further my studies, but there are more cons than pros to taking this course at a private uni like UNITAR.  And it's not even the UNITAR you think it is.  It is another university formerly called UMTECH.  Like, you never heard of that university, have you?  Okay, I'm going to stop commenting on that now (because I might get into some legal problems and those who are students there might want to stab me), so all you need to know is that I quit because of the five reasons above, and not the questionable status of this unheard of university.  I swear.

Now that I'm no longer a student, my mundane, teacher life is back.  Plus I don't have to worry about not being able to travel.  Yipee.

Though, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of me registering and paying in full deposit to continue my studies on a stupid dare.

P/s: By the way, I still think that those who study and work at the same time, especially those who breastfeed while they're at it are superhumans.   So good luck to y'all!


kei-1 said...

I personally do not see the reason to pursue masters since I've no interest in being an academician. I mean like, at this level, more reading, writing thesis and doing whole lot of statistic just for a cert that'll grant you access to a career as a lecturer doesn't really excites me. Your friends have really good point too about general stuff like management and the likes are not really that helpful. Then again I have a different focus altogether.

I'm personally using this dreaded years of waiting for this bond to end for a lot of certificate skills to fill my resume. Plus starting next year I'm gonna try to be a registered translator/interpreter. I find getting these certificates worth more than just masters, I mean like I rather train myself in a skill that I can absolutely make use of rather than read and write about it.

Just a thought

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@K: that was enlightening. At least it is something that is really useful to you. I wish u all the best!

Marsha Mila said...


Why did you stop using the word nowadays? LOL.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Marsha Mila: Haha. Can't sound too redundant ;p