Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good After Clubbing Habits

Ok so we know what happens when one parties too hard.

You get fucking wasted.

I'm no exception to this statistic, but when I do party, safety always comes first.

Like, there's always a designated sober driver, or you control your alcohol consumption if you're driving. Don't go walking around alone in a lonely dark alley looking like a hot motherfucker alone, or even with another hot motherfucker.  Never accept a drink from a stranger, unless you see it with your own eyes that it came directly from the bartender, you sexy thing.  You know, all the stuffs your mom tells you.

Being responsible after partying is as important as during.  And it's even harder as you're completely boozed up without any conscience.  As for me, no matter how soaked my brain in vodka is, I will practice these three things when I get back home.


I believe that no matter how plastered you are, you will still be able to do something that you intend to if you just focus on the mission.  If you fail, then bite on sliced lime.  It will definitely sober the fuck you up for a few minutes.


The thing about living with parents is, you can't come home looking like pieces of crap loosely sticking to each other.  They might shoot you, thinking you're a drunken hobo breaking in.  So like I've mentioned above, if you really want to look sober, you can, with willpower.   Only just for a few steps till you reach your room.


My number one most important thing to do after coming back from clubbing is to wash all the gunk out of my face.  Even if I'm fucking smashed and I'm crawling on my knees.  Ladies, do not ever, ever sleep with makeup on.  You WILL look like a toad the next morning.

In conclusion, this is what I would like to call good after-clubbing habits.  If you wanna party, party responsibly.

The only sucky thing after doing all this is when I finally go to bed with my head spinning.


So, what are other good after clubbing habits that you practise?


chegu carol said...

I drink alco reasonably now ever since i had terrible headaches after consuming too much of vodka lime few years back..i wasnt even out partying, just chit chatting with friends at some of my proven ways to curb being drunk instantly is to inject adrenalin rush to the brain i.e. having someone telling you there's police check on going...hahaha, sure hilang mabuk terus....on a serious note, i do dancing to kasi hilang mabuk...

chegu carol said...

*to instantly curb being drunk

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: Haha...ya, betul tu! trus terbangun ni...hehe. and yes, i dance to kasi hilang mabuk too. works all the time :D

TaQuiLa said...

ahaa..heart this topic!

if i went out with the F&F, mmg take turns la who will drive home SAFELY..hehe, so just in case on that night i want to have a little wild and free..ahaks, then the drink will be off the limit :P

but when i want to drive, pandai pandai la...

p/s : aih...rindu pula~

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Sheila: hehe...yeah, that's what F&Fs are for kan...Aik, masi blh ba tu sheila. Kan ada parents and inlaws. ampai ja si baby sana :D

Olivia Chin said...

agree with the 'waking up early' the next morning.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Olivia Chin: Glad I'm not alone!