Friday, November 2, 2012

Being Boss Ain't So Fun

I volunteered to invigilate the STPM exam this hols as I have no plans on flying to any exotic countries this year.

And when I did that, I requested for the school nearest to my house (mileage allowances is based on distance from work place anyway).  It's my alma mater and it's only a stone's throw away.

But no.  I didn't get the school I wanted.  I got a school where I have to leave my house half an hour before exam starts.

The suckiest part?

I was appointed head invigilator, wtf.

By the way, I now have to leave home 1 1/2 hour before exam starts to get the papers ready.  And I have a  bunch of shit to do before, during and after exams.  

I wanted to work during this hols, but I don't want to have to work hard.


And it hasn't even started yet.


Bec said...

Hehe..I was the head invigilator for the previous pmr..and yeah, u have tons of works to be done, also dealing with the other invigilators, paperworks etc etc.. tiring!! btw, all the best beb!! :)

chegu carol said...

it never crossed my mind to volunteer myself to be invigilator. when i was still have to commute weekly to meet the hubs, any holidays means sooo much that i dont want anything to interfere with it. im glad now that i can (almost) be rest assured i wont be call unexpectedly to be invigilator as i have never registered myself in the first place. unlike some colleagues who complaint that they are being called despite not applying. when asked the reason being called, 'nama sudah ada dalam data base and memerlukan guru untuk jaga exam.'

bah all the best Ketua Pengawas Peperiksaan :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Bec: Oh god...thanks for the heads up!

@Kay: actually im not so fond of having my precious holidays to be taken from me, but my thirst for material things is stronger. haha. yeah, and once kena panggil memang akan kena panggil jg tu. thanks!