Friday, October 26, 2012

Orphaned Puppy Update: He made it to two months!

Cody II made it to two months old!

By the way, as he got cuter and healthier, he is now christened Odie, by my mom.  You know how people prefer to use derivatives of their real name e.g. Amanda - Mandy?  Something like that.  Guess my mom didn't think I was cute enough to be called Mandy.

Now that he is old enough, we ditch his little crate, soft toys and pacifier for...


After he got his first vaccination, it was time for him to learn to be a dog and socialise with the rest.

But he's so tiny!  The other dogs weren't mean to him, but sometimes they play too rough with him and keep on stepping on him.  Even his brother, Wan Wan looks gigantic when he stands beside him.

And no, Wan Wan does not badly need a grooming.  He needs to be completely shaven off.

We thinks that Odie too will end up like him someday, judging by the condition of his fur right now.

He always seems to get wet and dirty; and when he is wet, his fur tends to curl up.  I'm seriously thinking of getting a pet shaver off Ebay.

Although he is strong enough to make it this far, he is still never far from danger as he is very susceptible to diseases, infections and parasites.  We will always have to take extra care of him to make sure he doesn't fall sick.

Two months later, Odie became the only survivor.  For the past two months, it had been a flurry of non-stop feeding, pooping, cleaning and also heartbreak when the other two puppies gave out on us; but now, seeing that Odie is frolicking happily on the green grass as if he had never lost his mother and siblings, it is indeed a fulfilment we'd never get anywhere.

And best of all, Odie is taking after his mom, Ting Ting.

For more of his cuteness, check this vid out:

I'm just crossing my fingers that he wouldn't end up like his kitchen floor mat of a brother, Wan Wan.


Diana Diane Teo said...

Cuteness overload! the puppy is so cute & glad that it made to two months. How many dogs you have? My family and I are dog lovers too. We have two currently =D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Diana: Hehe...I have 10 :D

Joan said...

way to go Cody. harap2 he will grow up healthy.. kudos to you also Amanda. all those sleepless nights jaga the puppy, worth it oh.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Joan: Thanks! ya was all worth it ni :)

Nekochan Miruku said...

sooo cute!! this kind of cuteness can give heart attacks!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Neko: And you'd die and go to puppy heaven! :D