Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm a student again!

I'm finally doing my masters! So unplanned!  Just like when I bought an apartment! Why do I keep spending stupendously huge money spontaneously! Why can't I just buy a phone or something!


Our class started RIGHT after registration and up till today, the fact that I'm currently pursuing my masters degree hasn't really sunk it.

Plus my brain is still pretty busy trying to process all the things I need to do in two months time: assignments, researches, study for exams...Tell me something new and I think my brain's going to explode.

I'm currently taking Masters in Education (Educational Leadership and Management) under UNITAR (part time), 'coz that's the only course offered in my hometown now, but if there are enough students for a class to be opened here, I can and might change my course to my specialty, Teaching English as Second Language (TESL).

Though I'm not really into this current course I'm taking (I'd really like to do Literature), but it's fun to have friends who can be your support group.  We can go to class together, work together, and of course, come late, chat and probably ditch class together too.  And we can copy each other.  I mean help each other.

I also have learnt something new about being a masters student.  All this while, in my head, someone who pursues his or her masters degree is like, wow, a genius, and it's a pretty big deal.  Like, he or she must be super smart and I am obliged to respect them.  However, based on my observation, the programme is not THAT tough after all.  The courses are all extensions to what we have learnt before.  Therefore, it's really not  much of a big deal, and I don't feel like a genius anyway.  I just feel like my brain is failing me due to the overwhelming work we have to do.

The only difference of doing a masters degree and a bachelor is that in the former, we have experience with school and students.  When we were doing our bachelor degree, we had this romantic notion of school and students.  That the education system is perfect and all students are geniuses.  But with our horrifying experience in school, we will be able to relate with the courses offered, so doing our masters isn't that difficult after all.  Now I understand why my lecturer asked me not to rush to get a masters degree right after I graduated.  You really need some experience to be able to get through your masters course.  Well, I only have two years worth of experience but it sure as hell felt like 20.

So, my advice for you is that, if you plan to do your masters, GO.  Really, it's not as hard as you think it will be.  The hard part is just juggling between work and working out your financial stability.  But if you just graduated, I suggest that you work for a couple of years first before doing it.  You need the experience, seriously.  Without it, yes, it will be hardcore.

I may have to chuck my passport in the deepest corner of my closet for 20 months, my TV series marathon may have to be rescheduled to weekends only, and I may get nuts, have sleepless nights, on the verge of killing my printer and of course, stressed to tears, but hey, that's what being a student is about, isn't it?

But oh, I have a day job at the same time.  Well fuck me if I'm not going to die trying.


chegu carol said...

like seriously, thats your photo on ur matric card??

congrats again...skijap ja tu 20 months :)

TaQuiLa said...

I heard bout the unitar course here in our hometown..

Ba, sama sama la kita berjuang kio.. Hehe?. Congratulations again

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: haha...nda la...ya, harap2 kan make it la...heh

@Sheila: Yes! Uni mana ko ah?

Shamimi Haniza said...

Oh no. I was left behind. Its ok, I'll support you. All the best.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Mimi: Alaa...u can go do it anytime. lagi best blh buat kat upm, lecturer sendiri. thanks babe!

TaQuiLa said...

@amanda : UMS :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Sheila: oo..ada chance jln2 di kk jg :D