Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Disgruntled Teacher Is Back

'Sup.  The Disgruntled Teacher is back.

I have so many things to complain about, and I'm not sure how I'm going to go about it without risking my ass getting taken action against.

Well I'm just going to be brutally honest while trying to sound polite.

I am unhappy with some of the decisions made in the Ministry of Education.  Our education minister needs to  re-evaluate certain things that his genius underlings propose and execute.  Wow, I CAN express myself politely, how 'bout that.  New policies and systems are drafted and executed as often as my period.  Alright, I take back what I said.

First there's this PBS thing, a pain in the ass for all teachers teaching Form 1.  I'm not so well-versed 'bout this new thing, 'coz I was playing Angry Birds during the briefing, but this is what I picked up from all the complaints I heard from the teachers who have to carry on with this new 'system': kids no exams, kids get assessed every week, truckloads of files, papers, oh god so many papers, work work work, suicidal thoughts.

Since it doesn't concern me yet 'coz I'm teaching Form 4 and 5 now, all I can do is pity their plight.


A few months later, surprise, surprise, ANOTHER new system!

For English classes, there's a thing called the Set System, where Form 1 students are streamed according to their proficiency.  Also, I still don't get most of it, 'coz seriously, it's unfathomable.  But what I know is, every time English period comes, they move according to the classes they are assigned to. In which I think is not a bad idea.  Also, each class will have less students in it, probably 25 and below.  In which again, I think is not a bad idea too.

But here's the crazy part, I mean, less logical part.

According to this newfangled system, from our current 10 classes, there are now a whopping 15 classes.

So what caused this previously happy, contented teacher to be once again Little Miss Gloomy?

We the morning session teachers have to teach afternoon sessions as well now, due to the lack of teachers.  

Well, I demanded that the classes be made early afternoon so that I don't have go back to school again in the evening, 'coz that's just retarded.  I mean inconvenient.

I don't really mind working extra hours, well, actually I do, but I just don't understand why, oh why this thing must be carried out since we only have like, two weeks left before the final exams.  Wait, not sure whether they have end year exams any more, but that's what we're told.  We only need to do this for two weeks.  Maybe less than two weeks 'coz of the PMR.

No matter how great an idea is, it becomes bad when there is lack of resource and manpower.  'Coz it will just defeat its purpose.  But nooo, it has to be done.  Even if it's only for two weeks.

So.  What is the main point of this actually?  What is the objective?  What are we trying to achieve?  What the hell am I supposed to do in two weeks, coupled with this PBS thing? 

 I can't find myself to be motivated to teach without understanding what in god's name I'm doing, or what am I supposed to do.  If you say, just think of the kids.  Do it for the kids.  Do effing what? WHAT?

So like I said, no matter how awesome an idea is, it only works when there is enough source and manpower.  The ideas from the MOE aren't all bad - just lack of source, manpower, careful and long term planning and concern for the teachers and students welfare.  That makes it sucky.  And that makes me disgruntled.

Anyways.  This is one of the challenges of being a teacher.  Shit can be thrown at you any time, and you have to take it whether you like it or not.

For my part, I will try to brain all of these once again and at least try to teach like a boss even though I may not know what I should be doing when I enter my Form 1 class.

And oh god.  A class full of 13 year olds.  Neither child nor teenager.  The unspeakable horror of the...TWEENS.  


AnnieMing said...

I thought the F1 streaming class started on 1st Aug? Our school started it on 1.8, guru j/w made major changes on the timetables (from 2-2-1 to 3-2 periods per week) and pushed it to the first two three periods cuz like your school, our teachers in the morning session oso hve to come and teach. Baru this Monday kami buat post-test..

cynthiaDHT said...

Haha! I'm teaching both morning and afternoon sessions too!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Annie: Yeah, it's supposed to start way early but tau la, semua pun last minit buat kerja and semua pun 'wajib'. we're starting this week too.

@Cynth: Oh, glad to know. haha.

norbahira said...

my school had this set system too and we have to change the timetable again for like the seventh time.

the intention behind pbs n set system is good, i.e making sure students are streamed and assessed according to their abilities and blah, blah, blah..

but what happens at sch is disgruntled teachers and one confuse senior assistant who have no inkling as to how to carry put the set system.

we did carry it out eventually but i gotta feelin that by next year, the misery and agony of understanding what the hell it is all about will be repeated again.

but there are only 6 sets in my sch. you won in terms of more classes to manage, probably would lose your voice too screaming at little kids in 15 classes.

well, that's the perks of being a teacher, no?

p/s: why does this captcha thingy is like so challenging to guess??

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Ira: You know, I spoke to Puan Hayati and she said that what's happening on school right now is NOT what they have planned! Like, somewhere along the line someone has screwed up and we end up with a screwed system. Hah, i guess there are too many robots intelligent enough to use the captcha!