Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Plastic Storage Box: The Holy Grail for Storing Shoes

I love shoes. 

More than I love bags and clothes.

With that being said, I'm always looking for better ways to store them.  You could say I'm slightly obsessed.

I thought I found my shoe storage organiser holy grail when I saw this.

It stores a gazilion shoes at a time and it's transparent.  Love that I don't have to rummage through all my shoes to find just one particular pair.

I even bought four of this (got a good price on Ebay).

But how it really turned out?

Flimsy as shit.

And how it really is with shoes in it?

An absolute disappointment.

It's really flimsy and just plain sucky.  I'm willing to give away my two extra shoe organisers.  Anyone?

So since that day on, I've been searching and googling and ebaying for the perfect shoe storage.

And I found it.

I present to you, plastic shoe storage boxes:

Okay fine, they're just like regular shoe boxes.  But what I like about them is that they're transparent! I don't have to open ALL of my shoe boxes to find my shoes any more!  The 'My Shoes' print there is pretty unnecessary for me, but I guess some people are into it.

Plus, its structure is pretty sturdy, compared to the flimsy ass shoe storage organiser mentioned.  And there are holes, for I don't know, allowing a creature stuck in your shoe escape safely?  Brilliance.

With these babies, my shoes can now be stored nicely!

With a dimension of 30cm X 18cm X 10cm, it fits all sneakers perfectly.

But best of all, it can feet the chunkiest espadrilles and my 5" heels.

Holy, holy grail!

After boxing 'em, I stacked 'em up all up at a lone corner in my room, and voila, my shoes are finally organised neatly.  

I am finally contented with the storage condition of my shoes (till I stumbled upon new ones).  Achievement unlocked!

P/s: I got these babies from Dealmates.com, for RM6 per box, but as usual, the deals ain't really deals when you do your research; I learned afterwards (damn my impulsive buying) you can get a cheaper price on Ebay.


Joan said...

Nice plastic storage box...good alternative to my "almost roboh" shoe rack.

anyway, that flimsy shoe bag that you have tu, i have one also. Actually i bought for my sister to keep her shoes at the hostel. you know space saving because you can keep it under your bed. but, itu lah nipis betul the material..macam bulih hancur anytime.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Joan: It is! Haha...tu la tu...kuyak2 already ni mine. I just threw them away. teda guna.

chegu carol said...

u know i also had one...no,two of that shoe bag kan? but what i did, i bought 2-3 pcs mounting board and cut them to make the base as well as the wall divider. That ensures the shoes are in all place. But since i love having a proper rack where i can look (and admire) at the shoes instantly, the shoe bags had been discarded...i dunno where they are now, prolly the weekly cleaning lady sudah tapau balik....im now in search for a shoe rack...kalau buli built in shoe closet lagi bagus hahaha

p/s im always annoyed with blogger's word verification. i keep having problem reading difficult-to-read letters...but yours, always easy to read punya...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: Hey, I thought of that too! Like, mau bikin weekend project ni...but come every weekend, terlupa ni. haha. Yeah, i think I will be betul2 puas hati if i have a built in wardrobe too :D .P/s: yeah, me too. kdg sy hentam ja type, n kena jg ni sometimes. haha

sabkon wells said...

hi. its a nice idea. seems u manage your stuff very well and neatly.

Plastic Storage Containers

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@sabkon wells: Yes it is!

Armstrong said...

Hahaa shoes... I hate them. LOL jk. My gf has a lot and I remembered once where she had to decide which shoes were eligible for boxes and which ones just put outside wakakaa.

Happy weekend, Amanda!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Armstrong: Haha! We are strange creatures :p. Happy weekend to you too!

Jess said...

You can get them at OneStop at a cheaper price with a better design :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Jess: YES! I just found out about that :/

Carissa30 said...

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