Saturday, September 15, 2012

Orphaned puppies update: They've opened their eyes!

The pups' most crucial period has passed.  They've made it to two weeks.

And they've opened their eyes!


By the way, they are officially named already.

Okay, this may come across as a little bit uncreative; you know, how some people name every new black dogs they own 'Blackie' after the previous ones died, but we decided to name the three of them after our dogs who have already met their maker, as coincidentally, the ones we lost were 2 males and 1 female, just like the pups.  After all, getting three more pups after losing three this year seemed like God's awesome of way of saying, "My bad on the three.  But hey, I replaced them! XOXO."

The pup above is Ting Ting II, as she is the only female.  Her eyes are even similar to 'ol Ting Ting.

And this is Gabby II.

Pure black and needy, just like our little Gabby Baby.  Hence the pacifier.

Last but not least, Cody's predecessor, Cody II.

The difference is like heaven and earth, but what the hell.  We most certainly can't call him Wan Wan No. 2, can we?  Oh, there is one similarity.  He has a peen.

Of course, these new members can never replace our previous dogs, but one comfort that it'd bring is when we call these three names, Ting Ting, Gabby and Cody, there will be three wagging tails charging towards us.    There is a big difference in appearance, but it would be as if they have never left.

If you're in need of some cuteness overload, here's a video of the pups.

And oh, if they could make it to a month old, you're in for a treat.


chegu carol said...

Oh maiiiiiiiiii...cutenesss!!! si gabby II tu kan yg on pacifier saja tu? and oh, well done you and your family..sampai ada 'bilik' sendiri lagi bah the pups kan?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol:Hehe...yg the other 2 pun ada, tapi nda berapa pandai, and not so cranky. Ya ba, 5 star kan pen dorang...hehehe

Anonymous said...

for someone who posted so many evil things, you actually have a big heart :)

NekochanMiruku said...

haha firstly i totally LOLed at "anonymous's" comment haha.. never tought that your post were evil, it more like honest post n for me an animal lover is always a good person :) way to go momma pups!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Anon: Haha! Yeah, I have a big heart like that. :D

@Nekochan: Me too...hehe..thanks!

Arms said...

Haha doggy toys! And they're so cute. I haven't cuddle puppies in a long time. Miss the feeling. Hehee.

Happy Thursday, Amanda!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Arms: Hehe...well u can always go to a pet shop and pretend u want to buy one :D. Happy Thursday to you too!