Sunday, September 23, 2012

Orphaned puppies update: Then there were two

My joy of them puppies making it to their second week was premature.

It was too soon to say they were already out of the woods.

Ting Ting II died three days later.

She was perfectly fine during her last feed, about 4 hours before.  Then she went limp, her mouth dry, and she was breathing hard.

Then she was gone by midnight.

We knew we should be prepared for things like this to happen, due to their zero antibody condition; and we did remind ourselves over and over again that we're just going to take care of them for however long they will survive, but still, we were heartbroken.

It's funny how we only knew the puppies for two weeks, yet we're so madly in love with them.  

Two days ago, we thought that we were going to lose Cody II as well, as he was showing similar signs like Ting Ting II exhibited before she died.

But being the little fighter that he is, he made it the next day.

Our best bet was that they contracted pneumonia.  After all, they were born soaked with their mother's blood in a cold, grey morning.  And now they have runny nose and you can hear when they breathe (especially at night when the temperature drops) that their trachea is full of mucus.  Even the vet can't do anything about it but just give them vitamin shots.  Plus at three weeks old now, their weight didn't double like it should.  Just only a minor increase.

They're still as tiny as when they were born.  Just really puffy.

So tragically, we'll never know if they are ever going to be out of danger.

On the bright side, at three weeks old, they're learning to walk!

With the reality of them of having a high mortality rate, we'll just take care of them one day at a time.  Whatever happens, we know that we have done our best.


chegu carol said...

I shed tears the first time i read this sampai tida jadi komen...

how's the other two now? cute oh tingu dorang guyang2 ikur mo jalan...hope they stay longer.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@carol: yeah, i get really sad when i reread this post too...the other two seem to be thriving, but still have mucus in their noses. so am still keeping my fingers cross...