Sunday, September 30, 2012

Orphaned Puppies Update: A month has passed, so did one

The death of the first pup became a reality check for us to be aware that no matter how hard we care for them, their survival rate is very, very low.

It made us sorta prepared to face and accept that the other two might face a premature demise too.  We have accepted the fact that all of them probably have contracted some virus in which their bodies can't fight.  It is just a matter of time when their little bodies give out.

But both the boys made it to one month old, in which we were glad and relieved.

Now, at one month old, we started giving them mush.  They are still learning how to eat, in which results making them look like little pigs instead.

Therefore, we need to clean and blow dry them every time after feeding.

As you can see, they were perfectly fine.

6 hours later during the next feeding time, one of them once again showed the exact signs before Ting Ting II died.  This time, he was breathing harder, and whimpered in pain as he breathe.  He was also too weak to eat, and ended up vomiting whatever amount he managed to eat.

The next morning, he was still alive, yet very weak.  We thought that if he survived the whole night, this thing he's experiencing would go away soon.

But a few hours later, as we gently stroke his body, he vomited blood.

Then he died, right in front of us.

This was taken the night before he died.
At one month old, Gabby II left us today.

I thought I was prepared for this and that I had ran out of tears, but clearly, you are never prepared to lose a pet that you have cared for and loved with all your heart.  The only consolation is thinking that now he is reunited with his mom and sister in heaven, completely free from viruses and pain; and that he won't have to endure a hard life of always being susceptible to diseases on this wretched earth.


And so, then there was one.

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