Friday, September 7, 2012

Orphaned puppies made it to one week!

Last week there was this really sad incident where I lost my dog due to labour complications.  And she left us with 3 little puppies who were orphaned then and there.

We were lost, thinking how we would be able to hand raise them without their mother's care, and most importantly, her milk which was supposed to give them the nutrition and antibodies they need.

So we just did what he had to do.  Nurse them every two hours.  Make them poop and pee.  Clean after them.  Provide them enough heat.  Everything their mother would do.  Give them antibiotics to substitute the antibodies they lack.  And oh, we have to make sure they don't suck each others' ears and genitals when they get antsy/hungry.  Yes, they do that, those poor little funny things.

You could say I basically became a mom overnight.  And hell, I have a new found respect and appreciation to all new mothers out there.  HOW DID YOU DO IT?!

Every day, we wake up and hope to see that they would make it another day.

And today, marks their first week in this world.

Happy first week puppies!

May you have many more weeks to come. XOXO, Human Mom.

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