Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting A Master's Degree: Enlightens Minds, Burns Pockets

When I was still studying, I always thought to myself that when I graduate, I ain't gonna stop just there.

I have big dreams after I graduated with my bachelor's degree: to pursue my Master's degree in a foreign country where it snows, and to come back as a bad ass lecturer.  I'd like to dabble in something fun say, creative writing or arts and performance.  You know, for the sake of knowledge.

When I started working, I realised how horrible the kids, school and our education system are.  I was even more driven to pursue my studies so that I can get out of this shit hole A.S.A.P. .  Fuck knowledge, I'd taking any boring course just to end my misery.

Two years later, I didn't think I would ever say this but, things did get a lot better.  I was able to handle defiant kids better, I laugh at my kids' failures (and mine apparently) instead of moping around, and I have established an excellent rapport with my colleagues.  The kids, school and education system are still horrible, but I am a lot stronger now and I really don't give a shit any more.

Well I do, but my point is that I no longer have that burning urge to enrol in any university with questionable credibility which offers a 'buy 1 free 1' master's degree course.  Like, I'm totally fine and getting a master's degree can wait.  A wise and awesome lecturer once told me that experience is our greatest teacher.  Gain 5-10 years worth of teaching experience, then you'd be intellectually ready to pursue a master's degree.  So since I'm currently having fun going for breakfast in the morning and karaoke-ing at bars at night with my colleagues teaching at my school, I'm good.


A local university just set up a branch here in my home town offering master's degree courses.  That means I do not have to commute to the big city every weekend which would be such a pain, should I decide on pursuing my studies.

At first, I didn't think too much of it.  'Coz like I said, I'm in no hurry to upgrade this brain of mine.

Then my colleagues started saying how awesome it would be if we were to take it together, and even take the same course together.  It sounded a lot like she's suggesting a mani-pedi sesh together, but her reasons were quite plausible.  Though I'm not so into the course they also decided on taking: Education Leadership and Management (sounds like a snooze fest to me), it would be undeniably easier to plagiarise each other do any work as we're doing the same thing.

So you could say that if I'm really doing this, my main reason of furthering my studies is just because of peer pressure (a good one though), and not so that I can get out of school and be a lecturer, and most definitely not to quench my thirst for knowledge.  Like, what thirst, right?

I have only one concern though.  If decided to do this, that means I need to scrimp on my annual foreign excursions for a couple of years.  I'm already scrimping on smartphones and branded clothes so that I can do non-materialistic stuff like oh I don't know, swim in the Andaman sea or visiting 1000 year-old Eight Wonder of the World temples.  I probably need to get a new, inexpensive hobbies like crocheting, baking, gardening and other momsy shit.

But even if I turn all momsy and probably have other blogs each for my sewing, cooking and agricultural passion, I would already have a master's degree.


chegu carol said...

the closest i have been to agreeing to get a master's degree was when i had the filled-up form in my hand, only to have it forgotten to be send in while i was away having fun in KL...after that, tida pernah suda sia minta puji mau pigi check colleague pun sibuk2 juga tu mo bawa study, she even mentioned a campus in keningau..dunno the same uni or not la...but sampai sekarang, begitu2 saja lah cerita mau sambung belakar ni....

bah all the best!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: Well that WAS really close! It's unitar. tp tia tau la credible or not. Yeah, if I make it then, thanks! :D

Joan said...

yeay to you. bagus bah belajar tu. :)
as for me, enrolled sudah, accepted sudah, then i postponed the registration for a year then after that kasi biar saja lah...haha..

nanti la bila ada masa mo pigi belajar balik, ada juga tu kan..

all ze best!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Joan: baru la, sdh register pun...well who knows la kan :D

Santafire said...

Final paragraph. Well said.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: Haha. Maybe I should get working on it.

norbahira said...

how much did you pay for the whole thing?

i paid rm900 per subjects. there are 2 subjects per semester and there are 6 semesters to complete it.

intellectually, i don't feel any smarter. i actually felt more enlightened during our bachelor's degree years.

maybe because almost half of the ppl in my class only further their studies for the sake of securing a job at local universities so they're not bothered with discussions that actually helped us a lot during bachelor's degree.

i just enrolled in the class to make sure i don't die of boredom during weekends..haha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Ira: haha...what uni did u enrol in? Well, mine is 3k something per sem, but i'm thinking of quitting for reasons i will tell ya'll about. but good for u! what course are u taking?